MAGNETOM Sempra – Daily Success with 1.5T.Images Courtesy of Mabaret Al-Asafra Hospital, Egypt

By Dr. Amr Morsy, Chairman, CEO
Dr. Tamer Gawwsh, M.D
Mabaret Al-Asafra Hospital, Egypt

Haitham Mohamed, MRI Business Manager
Khaled Khames, MRI Application Specialist
Siemens Healthineers, Egypt

Achieving success every day is the result of many small things going well and accumulating to generate the results you need. The MAGNETOM Sempra system is designed to do just that: deliver consistent high quality, expand your clinical capabilities, and provide financial certainty. Brain, spine, and MSK exams make up an average of 75 percent of routine daily cases. MAGNETOM Sempra is perfectly equipped to deliver reliable consistency especially for these, including hard-to-image patient groups. Faster exams, reduced operating costs, and an innovative service concept ensure a reduced TCO – and daily success – day in and day out.

MRI Sempra

Whole body Diffusion


T2-TSE-Blade Free breathing, GRAPPA
Matrix : 320x320
FOV : 380 mm
Slice thickness : 6.5 mm
TA : 3:30 min
Voxel Size : 1.2x1.2x6.5
No slice : 30 slice


EPI Diffusion (b50,400&800), GRAPPA,
FOV : 380 mm,
Slice thickness : 6.5 mm,
TA : 2:59 min
Voxel Size :1.4x1.4x6.5,
No slice : 30 slice

Vibe 3D Dynamic

3D (T1_fl3d_vib _Dixon) Breath hold
Matrix : 312*512 I
FOV : 380 mm
Slice thickness : 3.5 mm
TA : 11.5 Sec
Voxel Size : 0.7x0.7x3.5
No slice : 50 slice

Thin Cuts

Thin cuts (T2-TSE-Blade _FS )
Free breathing
Matrix : 256x256
FOV : 300 mm
Slice thickness : 3.5 mm
TA : 2:30 min
Voxel Size : 1.1x1.1x3.5


T2 Space trig (reconstruction ), GRAPPA
Matrix : 256x256
FOV : 400 mm
Slice thickness : 1.2 mm,
TA : 4 min,
Voxel Size : 1x1x1.2
No slice : 60 slice

Liver Lab

Liver Lab
7a- 7Segmentation
7b- q-Dixon Report
7c- Histo Report
7d- Spectroscopy

Prostate Diffusion

Prostate Diff: 8a- b50, 8b- b400, 8c- b800, 8d- ADC
Diff EPI
FOV : 190x190,
Matrix : 120x120,
Slice : 5 mm,
Voxel : 0.7x0.7x4, TA : 5 min

Whole Body Diffusion

Diff EPI
FOV : 340x430
Matrix : 144x192
Slice : 6.5 mm
Voxel : 2.2x2.2x6.5
TA : 8 min