Multix Select DR

Multix Select DRYour expert in economical digital radiography

Due to increasing cost pressures and a competitive environment, healthcare providers are looking for a budget-friendly solution to provide excellent general radiography. Multix Select DR is a floor-mounted digital X-ray machine that combines cost-effective room setup with a high level of clinical flexibility. Selected top-of-the-line technologies provide outstanding image quality. Achieve more financial flexibility with a digital X-ray machine that offers expert solutions for general radiography in an economical way.



Features & Benefits

Multix Select DR

Treat patients conveniently on a table1, Bucky wall stand1 or during free examinations and save up to 50% examination time2 with a flexible mobile detector that provides excellent image quality.

  • Treat your patients conveniently – on the table1, Bucky wall stand1 or during free examinations
  • Save precious positioning time, especially for immobile patients – with a flexible mobile detector
  • Higher image quality with a minimal patient-to-detector distance resulting in decreased magnification
  • Battery-free, flexible detector positioning anywhere in the room
Multix Slect DR

Increase your operational efficiency with an intuitive imaging machine that enables fast and smooth usage – learnable in just 2.5 days.

  • Intuitive syngo FLC user interface with clearly arranged functions
  • Supports automated DICOM import of RIS patient data and examination information
  • Intelligent organ programs with pre-set image parameters tailored to your individual requirements
  • Experience the same imaging software as used for high-end Siemens Healthineers radiography machines
  • Short training time
Multix Select DR

Decrease your total cost of ownership (TCO) with a budget–friendly and reliable machine that fits with an integrated generator into rooms as small as 11 sqm down to 6.3 sqm for the chest and free exams system variant3 – providing more financial flexibility.

  • Small machine footprint – for both system variants
  • Low installation costs – no ceiling preparation and compact delivery
  • Economical wired detector for multiple examinations
  • No chemicals unlike for analog images required, fast fully digital workflow

Clinical Use

Multix Select DR combines a cost-effective room setup with a high level of clinical flexibility. With its reliable machine components it enables you to examine your patients from head to toe for coverage up to 190 cm without the need to reposition your patient. A fast digital workflow, enhanced dose management, and a compact but flexible machine design offers you a wide spectrum of clinical applications – serving virtually all your patients.

Multix Select DR – ideal for general radiography

Backed by a fully digital workflow in combination with a versatile mobile detector, the compact Multix Select DR digital X-ray machine offers the full spectrum of generalized and specialized exams:

  • Chest and orthopedic
  • Standing and weight-bearing
  • Free examinations, e.g. on a mobile trolley or in a wheelchair
  • On table examinations, e.g. recumbent
  • Enhanced image quality for all examinations with DiamondView Plus
Mulitx Select DR
  • From head to toe – high patient coverage with a central beam height on the Bucky wall stand from 35 cm up to 185 cm
  • Bucky tray with detector fixations for landscape and portrait format
  • Optional grids available
Mulitx Select DR
  • Easy detector positioning
  • Up to 100 kg detector weight capacity for standing examinations under natural weight-bearing conditions
  • No additional accessories needed
Multix Select DR
  • No special low-absorption mobile table needed - mobile detector can be placed directly underneath your patient
  • Supports up to 150 kg with patient recumbent on the detector
  • Clip-on grid and mobile detector holder available as options
Multix Select DR
  • Automatic exposure control with up to 3 measurement chambers possible
  • Convenient workflow – longitudinal detector tracking of tube movements
  • High patient weight table capacity of up to 200 kg
  • Free-floating tabletop in longitudinal and transverse direction
Multix Select DR
  • Automatic image enhancement with higher contrast and reduced noise – with our high-end image processing software algorithm DiamondView Plus
  • Image processing optimized for bone and soft tissue visualization
  • Automated imaging parameter selection

Technical Specifications

System specification


Patient table2 and tabletop

Table height: 75 cm (29.5")
Tabletop width: 80 cm (31.5")
Tabletop length: 235 cm (92.5")
Max. patient weight: 200 kg (441 lbs.)
Longitudinal tabletop travel : ± 46 cm (± 18.1")

Column stand

Horizontal travel range: 138 cm (54.3"), movement arrested by electromagnetic brakes3
Vertical travel range: 150 cm (59.1"), movement arrested by electromagnetic brakes
Central beam height: 35 cm (13.8") to 185 cm
Rotation of tube around vertical axis: ± 90°; stop positions: 0°, ± 90°
X-ray tube rotation: ± 120°; stop positions: 0°, ± 90°

Bucky wall stand2

Vertical movement range: 150 cm (59.1")
Vertical travel range: 35 cm (13.8") to 185 cm (72.8")


Generator frequency: 100 kHz
Output: 55 kW according to IEC 60601-2-7 (550 mA at 100 kV)
Exposure voltage: 40 kV to 133 kV
mAs range: 0.5 mAs to 800 mAs

X-ray tube

Max. exposure voltage (IEC 60613): 135 kV
Anode heat storage capacity: 230,000 HU (170,000 J)
Max. heat storage capacity of the
tube housing: 2,240,000 J (3,024,000 HU)

Flat detector

Dimensions (active field): 35.3 cm x 42.4 cm (14" x 17")
Pixel size: 139 µm
Spatial resolution (Nyquist frequency): 3.6 lp/mm



Clinical workflow


User interface

syngo FLC

Patient registration

Retrieval of patient list and examination data from the hospital/radiology information system (HIS/RIS)
Emergency patient registration
Patient, study and image data administration

Organ program and exam set editor

More than 1000 organ programs can be stored, customized and arranged in exam sets using the advanced organ program and exam set editor
Organ programs consist of multiple imaging and workflow parameters for particular body parts and imaging sequences



Accessories / Options


Manual release switch1

External hand switch for radiation release

Detector holder1, mobile

Trolley with detector holder for lateral acquisitions, independent of the patient table

Clip-on grid1

Grid with clips for attachment to the portable detector including attachment to the outside of the unit


Measuring chamber for measuring the dose-area product and/or the standardized patient entrance dose

Patient handle1

Overhead patient handgrip for the Bucky wall stand



Room planning


Room height

min. 245 cm (96.5")

Machine weight

Approx. 596 kg (1314 lbs.), not including wall stand for Multix Select DR

Min. space requirements

11 sqm, including Bucky wall stand for Multix Select DR
6.3 sqm, for Multix Select DR for chest and free exams machine variant