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Multitom Rax is a Twin Robotic X-ray system that offers unparalleled positioning flexibility, that excels in complex radiographic examinations such as trauma, pediatric, orthopedic and musculoskeletal cases. Benefit from precise insights, efficient workflows, as well as comprehensive diagnosis on a single system – and set new standards in advanced musculoskeletal x-ray imaging. 

Multitom Rax in the day-to-day clinical routine

Features & Benefits

Using traditional X-ray, complex radiographic examinations are often challenging. Whether due to time-consuming manual work, less experienced staff, limited precision in system positioning, or difficult-to-move patients – these exams may result in unsatisfactory diagnostic outcomes. With Multitom Rax, we offer a high-performance system that excels in such examinations, helping you expand precision medicine and improve patient experience. Thanks to its modular design, Multitom Rax can be quickly configured to suit your and your patients' demands. Starting with precision radiography, it also allows 3D bone imaging1 as well as fluoroscopic1 and interventional imaging1 for functional assessment. 

Fast, robotic exam setup

RAX detector

Large color touchscreen (10”)


    Go even further with True2scale Body Scan1

    With True2scale Body Scan1, Multitom Rax offers fully-integrated slot scanning: up to two panoramic images in one run, with the patient standing, seated, or even supine. 
    Get precise, biplanar, full-body images for high diagnostic confidence and better patient experience.

    • Even more anatomical coverage3
      Quickly acquire images of the full body with True2scale Body Scan1. With a scan range of up to 190 cm lying and up to 170 cm standing, this acquisition technique enables advanced insights in supine or natural weight-bearing position. 
    • Even greater precision3
      Geometrically accurate images, thanks to the slot-scanning technique. No stiching needed. This level of precision is relevant for e.g. scoliosis monitoring, surgical planning, and follow-ups of spinal fusions and knee implants. 
    • Even lower dose
      Powered by slot-scanning technology, adapted to orthopedic cases. You see what you need for diagnostic purposes, while scatter reduction inherent in the beam collimation helps ensure ALADA2 dose. 
    Dr. med. Amir H. Bigdeli, MD 

    Precise insights through unique automation 

    Multitom Rax offers unparalleled precision and flexibility in positioning, allowing projections from nearly all angles and unique automated workflows that make musculoskeletal insights feasible in clinical routine. And all that while saving dose. Improve diagnostic accuracy in daily routine with less effort and low dose.       

    • Extended3 anatomical coverage
      Benefit from unique automation with enhanced RAXortho1 acquisition modes built on the well-known SmartOrtho tilting1 technique.
    • More precision3
      Obtain accurate MSK insights through precise system and patient positioning easily. Twin Robotic arms give you more flexibility through projections from nearly all angles.
    • Right dose
      Use the right dose for every patient. Choose proven technology with dedicated pediatric organ programs for different body regions to help reduce necessary radiation, limit unnecessary radiation and minimize the risk of over-exposure.           
    Siemens Healthineers Twin Robotic X-Ray Multitom Rax - Precise insights through unique automation
    <p>Dr. med. Thomas Paffrath&nbsp;</p>

    Efficient workflows around your patients 

    Multitom Rax precisely positions and aligns itself, reducing the need for unnatural patient positioning even in challenging situations like trauma cases. It supports staff and offers barrier-free 360°patient access. Optimize the diagnostic experience and increase workforce productivity.

    Siemens Healthineers Twin Robotic X-ray Multitom Rax - Virtual U-arm
    • Reproducible, rapid, robotic exam setup in clinical routine 
      Let standardized robotic movements speed up your daily routine. Convenient setup is possible by one-touch workflows and virtually unlimited, customizable organ programs that meet your specific requirements. 
    • Refined automated alignment of tube and detector 
      Thanks to RAXalign and RAXtrack, detector and tube align automatically and stay aligned when repositioning the system. The virtual U-arm movement quickly shifts the system 90° around the patient, ideal for emergency departments. 
    • Less patient repositioning for enhanced care 
      The system moves around the patient, so repositioning them is no longer necessary. And flexible workflows for wheelchairs, trolleys, and stretchers mean that patients do not need to be transferred onto the system's table at all.
    <p>Alexandra Despineux</p>

    Comprehensive diagnosis with multiple procedures 

    Thanks to its modular design, Multitom Rax can be quickly configured to suit your and your patients' demands. Starting with precision radiography, it also allows 3D bone imaging1 as well as fluoroscopic1 and interventional imaging2 for functional assessment. Address an even broader range of needs while optimizing clinical operations.

    • More informed diagnosis and treatment planning5
      Acquire diagnostically relevant Real3D1 bone imaging, adding substantial value to the assessment of bone and joint trauma by detecting or ruling out extremity fractures and fracture-related findings more reliably than conventional radiography. 
    • Expanded5 orthopedic capabilities
      Perform fluoroscopy1 and minor interventions1 for functional diagnosis of joints, fracture, and luxation repositioning or needle guidance in musculoskeletal procedures.
    • Enhanced flexibility5 and independence
      By offering 2D and 3D imaging on a single system along with complementary imaging results from fluoroscopic examinations, Multitom Rax gives you more independence.          
    Siemens Healthineers tWIN rOBOTIC x-rAY Multitom Rax - Comprehensive diagnosis with multiple procedures​
    <p>Jan-Peter Grunz, MD</p>
    Siemens Healthineers Twin Robotic X-Ray Multitom Rax - Real3D imaging for more insights - See the unseen

    Real3D1 is a cone-beam imaging technique. It offers three-dimensional information on the scanned body region – free from magnification and distortion – in sagittal, coronal, and axial views as well as a rendered bone volume. This technique enables table-side image acquisition of the hand/wrist, elbow, foot/ankle and knee, as well as weight-bearing 3D scans of the foot/ankle, knee and lumbar spine. For the upper extremities, Real3D1 Hi-Res offers even better spatial resolution.  

    Multitom Rax allows to acquire 3D images within the X-ray suite, adding substantial value to the assessment of bone and joint trauma by detecting and ruling out extremity fractures and fracture-related findings more reliably than conventional radiography.  

    Eric Langer, MD&nbsp;
    Siemens Healthineers Twin Robotic X-Ray Multitom Rax - True2scale Body Scan - Even more anatomical coverage

    With True2scale Body Scan1, Multitom Rax offers fully-integrated slot scanning: up to two panoramic images in one run, with the patient standing, seated, or even supine. The geometrically accurate images can improve assessment of skeletal malpositioning – at ALADA dose2

    These geometrically accurate, length extended images of the skeletal system in a.p. and lateral plane, are intended to assess skeletal malposition, such as scoliosis or osteoarthritis secondary to malalignment of the limbs.

    Siemens Healthineers Twin Robotic X-Ray Multitom Rax - Fluoroscopy

    Fluoroscopy1 and minor interventions1 belong in every radiology department with an orthopedic focus. 

    Fluoroscopy1 is often used for needle guidance in musculo-skeletal procedures such as arthrography, arthrocentesis, or pain management. Joint injections and interventional spine procedures that do not use image guidance have failure rates of up to 30%, even in large joints like the shoulder.2

    With its fluoroscopic and minor interventional capabilities, Multitom Rax delivers what is needed in advanced musculoskeletal  imaging – barrier-free access to the patient, positioning flexibility, and isocentric RAXorbit movements – also in a table-free configuration with a wireless footswitch.

    Clinical Use

    To address the clinical use of 3D imaging1 and slot scanning1 with Multitom Rax, we have created a comprehensive and versatile set of clinical education material, produced with a network of respected clinical experts in the field. Find relevant clinical information to optimize your daily work including clinical talks, white papers, case studies, and educational offerings. 

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    X-ray remains an essential modality for musculoskeletal imaging. Multitom Rax adds versatility and flexibility to your imaging fleet. See how it can be applied in emergency care, pediatric care and orthopedic and musuloskeletal care.

    Diagnostic imaging supports you in developing your treatment strategy. Multitom Rax has a lot to offer for each musculoskelatal discipline. Discover what you can expect from diagnostic imaging. Please select your speciality.

    Technical Specifications

    Multitom Rax is a Twin Robotic X-ray system that thanks to its twin robotic arms for moving tube and detector offers unparalleled positioning flexibility in the X-ray suite. This allows for patient-centric workflows and weight-bearing imaging. Therefore the system is well-suited for MSK and trauma imaging. The system is easy to position around movement-impaired patients (on the table, in a wheelchair, or on a patient trolley/stretcher) even in challenging projections, while offering an ergonomic workflow.  

    Usability benefits 

    • Complete system operation with control of generator, tube, and imaging scanner from a single integrated console
    • Convenient scanner positioning via connected Remote Control Console1 and one wireless remote control 
    • Controlled via the selection of organ programs
    • The X-ray tube position, generator parameters and collimator settings, including additional filtration as well as image processing parameters, are automatically set via the selected organ program 
    • Simultaneous movement in up to 10 axes with Twin FAST (Free Axis Simultaneous Travel) Automatic positioning of the X-ray tube and built-in detector into user-defined acquisition positions as preset in the organ program. By pressing the SmartMove button, the X-ray tube and detector stand automatically move to a preset position in accordance with the selected organ program 
    • The touch-sensitive wireless remote control with SmartTouch helps prevent unintentional system movements - SmartMove buttons are located on the foot kick-switch and on the wireless remote control 
    • The automatic positioning can be configured in service mode to bypass any obstacles or fixtures in the room through ICP software (ICP = Intelligent Collision Protection) 
    • RAXtrack: Extensive tracking capabilities of tube and built-in - RAX detector. Tracking of SID, longitudinal, transversal and lateral tube and detector movements as well as tube rotation for patient table projections. Vertical and horizontal tube and detector movement tracking within the room. 
    • RAXalign: By the push of a button on the detector stand, the X-ray tube is automatically aligned and positioned to the angle and position of the built-in detector while maintaining the center and SID according to the grid used. By pressing the centering button on the tube stand, the detector stand is automatically aligned to the tube‘s central beam while maintaining the centering and SID according to the grid used 
    • Virtual U-Arm: Automatically moves detector and tube from a.p. to lateral within seconds without the need for patient repositioning 

    Moreover, Multitom Rax combines classic radiography with optional fluoroscopic capabilities, 3D imaging (Real3D1) and full body slot scanning (True2scale Body Scan1). A multitude of imaging techniques available in one room without patient transfer offers workflow and economic advantages.

    Siemens Healthineers Twin Robotic X-Ray Multitom Rax - Precise insights through unique automation

    RAX detector with AEC and ACSS – 
    minimize overexposure and overcollimation

    With its dose-saving RAX detector, Multitom Rax helps you to limit ‘dose and collimation creep’ by automatically evaluating and adjusting exposure levels.

    With AEC and ACSS, the system always provides the 
    right exposure parameters for the examined body region and sets collimator and radiation field size according to the respective organ program and SID. This helps ensure a reproducible, optimum exposure for the body region under examination.

    Low-dose scoliosis SmartOrtho – significantly lower dose due to optimized parameters

    Dedicated pediatric organ programs for different body regions

    For example, by focusing on vertebral alignment instead of bone structure, the new low-dose scoliosis SmartOrtho organ program lets you significantly decrease dose – ideal for follow-up scoliosis exams.

    ALADA dose is particularly crucial for adolescent scoliosis patients, since they are repeatedly exposed to dose.

    Siemens Healthineers tWIN rOBOTIC x-rAY Multitom Rax - Comprehensive diagnosis with multiple procedures​

    Limit dose while ensuring image quality – the CARE program 

    (Combined Application to Reduce Exposure) 

    The basic CARE (Combined Application to Reduce Exposure) package reduces the radiation dose for patients and staff using dose-free applications, such as:

    Careposition: Reduce radiation dose with dose-free patient repositioning.

    Careprofile: Reduce radiation dose with dose- free image collimation

    The Enhanced CARE package1 for fluoroscopy lets you focus on the patients by ensuring a seamless workflow that allows you to avoid additional radiation dose:

    Snapshot mode: Enjoy an immediate low-dose image capture.

    Proactive FluoroLoop: Focus on the patients and avoid additional radiation dose.

    Histogram dose regulation: Enjoy automatic dose regulation for more efficient workflows.

    Digital zoom: Benefit from dose-free zooming in of clinical images.