Biograph family for radiation therapy planning

Biograph family for radiation therapy planningSet the standard in PET/CT for RT

The entire Biograph™ PET/CT family supports dedicated solutions for radiation therapy (RT) planning and gives you access to intelligent imaging applications powered by artificial intelligence, driving the right planning for the right treatment.

Features & Benefits

artificial intelligence application in nuclear medicine - AIDAN Intelligent imaging platform for PET CT scan machiness.

Enabled by AIDAN, the Biograph family uses intelligent imaging applications to transform complex procedures and make standardized protocols and personalized scans possible.

petct patient scan

Molecular imaging can help answer clinical questions that might not be answered using anatomical imaging alone. PET/CT provides a combination of metabolic and morphological information, which has a major impact on evaluation and therapy planning of primary and recurrent tumors.

The Biograph family with RT edition offers an integrated workflow, enabled by syngo.via®3, that supports clinical decisions along with a multi-modality tool for deformable registration, dose visualization, beam placement, and more.

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