Personalizing Breast Care for Every Patient

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When it comes to breast care, digital mammography has seen advances in technology that supports healthcare providers in embracing the uniqueness of every patient. ParkCity Medical Centre recognizes this, and in their mission to be a centre of excellence for breast care, they became the first private hospital in Malaysia to launch the MAMMOMAT Revelation. The Imaging team at ParkCity Medical Centre has been able to personalize the experience for each of their patients according to the support required. The innovative features of the digital mammography system such as the ability to generate more precise diagnosis and to provide adequate tissue samples on the spot allow for a more efficient workflow and reduction of callbacks. More importantly, the technology supports ParkCity Medical Centre’s objective to support and encourage Malaysians to access early detection of breast cancer, when it is most amenable to effective treatment.

Learn how the Radiology team at ParkCity Medical Centre is emphasizing on patient comfort and care.