Managing stroke using minimally invasive procedure

In 2019, about 200,0001 stroke cases per year were reported in Vietnam, out of which 10,000 patients belonged to the Mekong Delta region. In the same year, stroke became the second leading cause of disability-adjusted life-years worldwide2. With a population of 21.5 million, Mekong Delta region lies in the southwestern part of Vietnam, where the Mekong river approaches.

For stroke patients, time is of essence. Every minute saved can positively impact patient outcomes. Stroke International Services Can Tho General Hospital (SIS) was thus established in the Mekong Delta region by Dr. Tran Chi Cuong, to provide timely and accurate treatment to the stroke patients of Mekong Delta and neighboring provinces.

Since August 2020, SIS started performing stroke related procedures using the Artis icono, a single interventional suite. Dr. Cuong, currently the General Director of SIS expresses that the clear view of the anatomical structure of blood vessels is visible because of icono’s outstanding high image quality, which was a challenge in the past with older DSA systems. Icono also enables faster procedure, thereby helping towards reduction in time to treat patients