MAGNETOM SempraDaily success with 1.5T.

The healthcare market is undergoing a fundamental change. Healthcare providers have to ensure better outcomes for more patients at lower cost – despite shortage of skilled personnel.
Siemens Healthineers understands this challenge. The new 1.5 Tesla scanner MAGNETOM Sempra provides answers to these challenges – helping you achieve daily success with

  • Consistent quality, every day 
  • New clinical opportunities every day 
  • Financial certainty, every day

Features & Benefits

Achieving daily success is the result of many small things going well, and accumulating to generate the results you need. MAGNETOM Sempra is designed to do just that, delivering consistent high quality, expand clinical capabilities, and give financial certainty. Brain, Spine and MSK exams make up for 75% of routine daily cases. For those MAGNETOM Sempra is perfectly equipped to deliver reliable consistency due to three Dot workflow engines as part of the standard package, including hard-to-image patient groups. Combining this with faster exams, reduced operating costs and a new innovative service concept, MAGNETOM Sempra ensures reduced TCO and therefore your success, day in and day out.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Sempra - Consistent quality, every day with DotGo automated workflow

Each patient is unique. Staff can fluctuate. Flexible strategies and efficient workflows help you avoid exam inconsistencies that can jeopardize productivity. MAGNETOM Sempra simplifies processes and gives healthcare professionals total control and flexibility with DotGO automated workflows.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Sempra - New clinical opportunities every day with Trendsetting Applications

Increasing local competition, well-informed patients, and the constant need to attract referrers make it more important than ever to differentiate your services through Trendsetting Applications. Advanced WARP, Tim 4G coils, and Quiet Suite, for example, make it possible to examine previously excluded patient groups (e.g., patients with metal implants, elderly patients with pain, anxious patients), while providing a positive patient experience and acquiring images with high diagnostic quality.

Siemens - MRI - MAGNETOM Sempra - Financial certainty, every day with cost-cutting technologies and services

Global reimbursement cuts and rising operating costs have put healthcare providers under financial pressure. Cost-cutting technologies like 10-minute exam protocols can increase throughput, and the Siemens Healthineers Connect Plan2 help you achieve lower TCO. MAGNETOM Sempra can enhance operational performance, lower resource consumption, and ensures investment protection.