EMIT 2000 Tacrolimus Assay

Monitoring tacrolimus levels is essential to ensuring efficacy of treatment while minimizing toxic side effects and preventing organ rejection. The EMIT® 2000 tacrolimus method is a convenient, easy to use solution for routine tacrolimus monitoring.


  • Simple sample pretreatment
  • Results in as little as 10 minutes
  • No reagent preparation required
  • No significant hematocrit interference 1,2
  • Correlates to LC/MS/MS


  • Streamlined ISD monitoring and enhanced productivity
  • Benefit from up to 4 different ISD methods on one single V-Twin® or Viva-E® Drug Testing System*


EMIT 2000 TACR Assay
Product Code
Sample Type
EDTA Whole Blood
Reportable Range
2-30 ng/mL
Functional Sensitivity
2.8 ng/mL
With new reagent lot
Reagent Stability
Opened at 2-8° C: 12 weeks

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2. LeGatt, CES: Comparison of Two Tacrolimus Immuno assays (EMIT: Viva and MEIA: IMx®) in Four Transplant Groups. AACC 2002; Topic 19, Presentation B-7.