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Enhanced CARE offerings in fluoroscopyLower radiation dose. Fewer workflow steps. More time for the patient.

At Siemens Healthineers we have been pioneers in dose management and dose reduction for many years, leading with intelligent technologies based on the ALARA1 principle.

With the Enhanced CARE Package you get a bundle of four additional CARE features that helps you minimize dose application during fluoroscopy examinations while accelerating and simplifying your workflow.

Minimize radiation dose, simplify complex workflows, save valuable time, and increase productivity – for the benefit of your staff and your patients.

Enhanced CARE Package 

Capture images with no interruptions.

•    It's fast: Instantaneous image capture.

•    It’s dose-saving: Snapshot images can be used for documentation, so no additional DR or DFR images are required.

•    It’s easy: No delay or interruption in your fluoroscopy sequence, because no mode change from fluoroscopy to acquisition is required.

Floriane Lazarus portrait

The Snapshot mode allows us to gain time because it avoids us to release the fluoro pedal in order to make a RAD shot.

Furthermore, it saves dose because there’s no need to make an additional RAD shot during the fluoro procedure.

Floriane Lazarus

Chief Radiographer, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Catherine Saverne, France

Enlarges images with no dose.

•    It's dose-free: Zoom in on clinical images with no additional dose.

•    It’s easy: When Digital zoom is activated, only the radiation dose for fluoroscopy will be applied, with no additional dose for the zoom function.

•    It’s fast: The decision to use Digital zoom can be made before or during fluoroscopy.

Clinical image: Digital zoom stage 0 and stage 1
Floriane Lazarus portrait
Floriane Lazarus
Chief Radipographer, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Catherine-Saverne, France

The Digital zoom reduces significantly the dose not only for the patient but also for the radiologist/radiographer that is performing the intervention/positioning.

Floriane Lazarus

Chief Radiographer, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Catherine Saverne, France

Enables consistently high image quality.

•    It’s easy to read: Histogram-based dose regulation provides a consistent live fluoroscopy impression, with no disturbing factors caused by very dark or bright image areas (like implants or contrast media).

•    It enables easy positioning: There’s no need for precise patient positioning relative to the dose measurement fields.

•    It minimizes dose: A consistently high image quality facilitates the diagnosis, which minimizes the radiation dose. 

Floriane Lazarus portrait

Histogram-based dose regulation allows us to get homogeneous images and we saw a huge benefit in barium swallow procedures. Before, we used to see a very opaque image at the esophagus level and a very bright image all around that area. Now, even when the barium reaches the stomach level, the homogenous brightness of the images allows a better diagnosis.

Floriane Lazarus

Chief Radiographer, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Catherine Saverne, France

Effortlessly saves all sequences.

•    It knows what you need: Proactive FluoroLoop automatically saves the sequence after the exam is finished. Never worry about capturing the right images during a long or complex procedure.

•    It's labor-saving: The distracting process of manually saving fluoroscopy loops is eliminated, because the function only needs to be activated once and it remains activated for all future patients.

•    It's dose-saving: Prevents unnecessary retakes and therefore additional radiation dose that could result from forgetting to manually store fluoroscopy sequences.

Floriane Lazarus portrait

The Proactive FluoroLoop allows the saving of the last image for recording purposes.Very useful and time saving.

Floriane Lazarus

Chief Radiographer, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Catherine Saverne, France

Customer voices

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Dive into Floriane’s story to find out more about all the features of the Enhanced CARE Package and the impact of LUMINOS Lotus Max on patient-focused radiography or fluoroscopy.

Floriane Lazarus portrait

Our experience with the Enhanced CARE Package was very good. We reduced the dose of our hysterography procedures by a factor of 4 and maintained exceptional quality.

We are very happy with all Enhanced CARE Package options. We save plenty of dose with improved workflow speed and patient care. We wouldn't make it without them.

Floriane Lazarus

Chief Radiographer, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Catherine Saverne, France