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Advance PlansYour digital advantage starts now

In healthcare, the pace of digitalization and software development is speeding up. Medical devices are increasingly interconnected, and their value is more and more defined by digital features. Having incompatible system software and hardware and being vulnerable to cyberattacks are among the most recent risks healthcare providers face. That’s why keeping medical equipment up to date is essential for optimized clinical care, workflow efficiency, and cybersecurity.

Advance Plans are the service agreements for the digital era from Siemens Healthineers. They support you to enhance efficiency and achieve excellent clinical outcomes. The plans’ smart combination of digital and personal support keeps your operations running smoothly and allows us to be right by your side 24/7.

To learn more about Advance Plans you can download the flyer or infographic or get directly in touch with us by using the contact form.

Please note that Advance Plans are only available for selected CT, MR, and MI systems.

Features & Benefits

We bring the power of digitalization to our traditional service performance through Digital Platforms and AdvanceNow. And this is how:

Our Digital Platforms are the gateway to your digital service future. 

The connection to our Digital Platforms and the use of data allow fast action 
when needed, like: 

  • fast support from our remote experts; 
  • equipment information at your fingertips; 
  • valuable education insights for your workforce.

AdvanceNow is your digital strategy enabling you to be continuously up to date. 

Get continuous access to innovations, enhanced durability, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity through: 

  • software updates; 
  • software version upgrades; 
  • computing hardware replacements. 
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Combined, they allow us to provide you with digitally enabled Planned and Corrective Maintenance & Service Options

They make you competitive by:

  • keeping your systems efficient; 
  • keeping your clinical operations running; 
  • meeting your regulatory, quality, and financial needs.

Actively shape your digital future

Choose the Advance Plan that fits your needs best

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