Girdhar Gyani on transforming care delivery in India

Girdhar Gyani, PhD, is supporting the Indian government in its efforts to transform the healthcare system and achieve universal healthcare coverage for the whole population. He provides us with insights into implementing an ambitious program for a new care model.

  • Ayushman Bharat, the government program for providing universal healthcare in India, has two main components: hospitalization and primary care.
  • In order to transform health delivery to extend healthcare coverage to the whole population, a new healthcare system and “ramp up” plan was introduced. This aims to provide easier access to training for physicians, new hospital beds, upgrading of existing health centers, and access to health services in rural areas, including the different streams of alternative medicine available in India.
  • This “health revolution” will prepare India for a modern approach to managing population health.

Girdhar Gyani invited as speaker to the Executive Summit 2018

Girdhar Gyani, PhD, is Director General at the Association of Healthcare Providers, a nonprofit association working to achieve universal health coverage in India.