The Welcome Package for Biomatrix XA Platform - Essentials (MAGNETOM Sola, Vida, Altea, Lumina)

The Welcome Package for Biomatrix XA Platform - Essentials (Sola, Vida, Altea, Lumina)

This course introduces users to their newly installed Biomatrix MAGNETOM system. It provides a fundamental understanding of the system features, hardware and software design, to ensure they are confident using the new system straight away. This course is designed to be accessible to all MRI staff, at all experience levels, and involves presentations and hands on SmartSimulator sessions.

Course content

Superconducting Magnets and MR Safety highlights

Improving the patient experience

MAGNETOM Hardware – Parts of the MRI suite, table operation and RF coil features

MR technologies – Biomatrix, Dot Cockpit and Dot Engines, Turbo suite, TIM 4G, Quiet Suite

Siemens Sequences and Parameters, Fat Saturation options, Diffusion Weighted sequences including Resolve, Metal artefact reduction techniques including WARP and SEMAC

MAGNETOM Software – Hands-on SmartSimulator sessions to gain experience on the new XA platform, learn the features of the standard Dot Engines and basic Dot Cockpit management

Virtual/ Onsite Classroom Training

MRI Customer Education Specialist

All MRI technologists that will be working on new Biomatrix XA systems

1 day

Price on request