Introduction to Cardiology in Somaris X

Introduction to Cardiology in Somaris X​

This introductory course Cardioloy in Somaris X systems, is suitable for participants who are performing sporadic cardiac acquisitions in Somaris X systems, or are about to start performing such acquisitions. The main focus of this course is to guide participants through the cardiology-related protocols, user interface elements and to discuss the different available acquisition modes.

Course content

Cardiac acquisition modes in Somaris X

User Interface elements in cardiac acquisitions


Review of cardiac factory protocols

Review of cardiac factory decision trees

Parameter adaption and troubleshooting

Self-learning material in PEPconnect


Good knowledge of the Somaris X user interface

Fundamentals of cardiac anatomy and cardiac CT acquisition modes 

Virtual/ Onsite Classroom Training

CT Customer Education Specialist

CT Technologists

02 hours

Price on request