A Stepwise Approach for the Interpretation of Arterial Blood Gases

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022
16:00 BST | 17:00 CEST | 08:00 PDT | 11:00 EDT

1 hour


Electrolyte and acid-base disorders are quite common in clinical practice. The body maintains the pH balance within a very narrow normal range, and there are various physiological buffering systems to help maintain this range. There are four major types of simple acid-base disorders: respiratory acidosis and alkalosis, and metabolic acidosis and alkalosis. These will be discussed in detail, with examples of how to correctly interpret acid-base disorders and help in the diagnosis. Dr. Aguanno will also discuss mixed acid-base disorders.

Attendees are entitled to P.A.C.E. credits from the ASCLS and/or ACCENT credits from the AACC.

James Aguanno

James Aguanno, PhD
Senior Clinical Specialist
Disease State Management Group
Siemens Healthineers

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Point of Care coordinators
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Laboratory technicians/technologists
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Recognize the indications for ordering an arterial blood gas on a patient
  • Identify the four major types of acid-base disorders as well as mixed acid-base disorders
  • Review the compensatory responses for acid-base disorders
  • Gain insight into the ABG interpretation algorithm in determining the etiology of a variety of acid-base disorders