Atellica Integrated Automation

Experience integrated automation in 6mon the Atellica® Solution

Atellica Integrated Automation on the Atellica Solution

Atellica® Integrated Automation consolidates revolutionary sample management technology, intelligent software, and IT to provide workflow efficiency with the flexibility to add decapping with little or no additional footprint.

Built-in revolutionary sample management technology

So you have independent control over STAT and routine samples

Manage samples throughout all phases of testing

Automatic, specific sample sorting combines with retrieval and archiving functions

Atellica Solution Lab

Easy-to-run laboratory operations

Sophisticated yet simple software seamlessly connects with your existing LIS

Atellica® Decapper

Integrates decapping into the analytical workflow of Atellica® Solution1 with little or no additional footprint

Atellica® Sealer

Integrates sealing into the post-analytical workflow of Atellica Solution with little additional footprint

Atellica Solution

Atellica® Solution, powered by Atellica® Integrated Automation (AIA), is a breakthrough answer to your pressing lab challenges. With unprecedented flexibility and a broad and growing menu of over 200 highly specific and sensitive assays, the Atellica Solution combines workflow and clinical excellence to empower your lab to meet evolving testing needs.

  • Independent control over every sample, including STAT and precious samples.
  • Unprecedented flexibility to future-proof your lab, with over 300 customizable configurations including linear, L, and U shapes.
  • Freedom to focus on driving better outcomes.
Atellica® Solution powered by Atellica Integrated Automation (AIA)