Medicalis Imaging Service Line

Medicalis Imaging Service LineTransform your disparate departmental imaging operations into an integrated imaging service line

We can help you transform your complex multisite, multivendor imaging environment into an integrated imaging service line with a patient-centric focus throughout the entire workflow, from the ease of ordering the most appropriate exam to results distribution, while using an intelligent workflow infrastructure to ensure the right study is read by the right radiologist at the right time. With Medicalis, you can ensure your institution’s service-level goals are met globally while still practicing radiology locally.

We understand the complexity of your environment and the individual needs you may have. Our experts will work with you to design a solution that meets your objectives.

Weill Cornell Whitepaper
  • Improve agility from an administrative perspective
  • Create a positive impact on productivity and best practice
  • Introduce efficient scheduling with a call abandonment rate of ~1%
  • Reduce turnaround time with over 90% of post-procedure reads completed within 90 minutes
  • Provide reliable analytics capabilities for quality improvement projects