Dr. Maik Bittner (PhD) : clinical expert, frequent traveller, lean ambassadorInsights into the daily work of a clinical marketing manager working in surgery

Maik 1

My work involves a great deal of international collaboration. I might spend the morning working with colleagues in Asia; for example, I am currently planning a photo shoot in Taiwan. I’ll then meet my European colleagues in person, maybe in Forchheim (pictured) and spend the afternoon in digital meetings, this time with colleagues from the USA. I also travel a lot, visiting customers or attending international conferences. The international aspect of my work is why I like it so much.

Maik 2
Picture 2

Picture 2: Working with our customers is even more fascinating. I can’t imagine many other jobs that offer such enthralling insights as surgical marketing does. I see first-hand how our customers work during procedures. Often, I find myself in operating theaters watching them implant a new heart valve, remove a lung tumor, or reinforce a spine.

Picture 3: My work also involves managing fellowships. We invite customers who are interested in a particular solution to join us on visits to reference hospitals (customers who are already working with us in the relevant field and using the solution). This enables them to share insights directly, usually in the operating theater itself.

Maik 4
Picture 4

Picture 4: Introducing a new, pioneering product to the experts is always a very special feeling. For example, we presented our ARTIS pheno angiography robot in an “OR of the future” at an orthopedics and trauma surgery trade fair.

Picture 5: Standing there with the team made me incredibly proud. I remember thinking what an amazing thing we had achieved. Every single member of the team made a fantastic contribution. (This photo shows me and my colleague Michael Martens with the ARTIS pheno)

Picture 6: Our team structure is based on lean principles, which means that we are completely responsible for organizing our own work. Our managers act as coaches, but don’t give traditional instructions or approve every step we take. For me, this way of working – with flat hierarchies and the power to make our own decisions – is truly beneficial. I feel really comfortable with my team.

Maik 7

Regular travel isn’t always easy. If my children get sick, I might have to postpone a trip or cancel an appointment. Luckily, Siemens Healthineers is very family-friendly. I can work from home whenever necessary. Soon, I’ll be heading to Moscow for a conference we’re planning, and I’m looking forward to it already. Putting together a transnational event is a wonderful feeling and an enriching experience.