Historias de Éxito

Strategy and Management

Germany: Tertiary Care Hospital
Reference for process optimization and technology partnership

Particle Therapy center

Feasibility study and financing model for establishing a particle therapy center

Medical specialist Center

Business plan and implementation concept for the construction of a specialist center

Swiss Hospital Association

Determining required capacities under new market requirements after DRG introduction Medical specialist center

Process Optimization

Netherlands: Neurology Department
Patient-oriented acute-stroke therapy

Germany: Radiology Department

Workflow analysis and optimization of MR use with benchmarking

Germany/Scandinavia: Process and Cost Comparison

for a new type of pharmaceutical product

Germany: Cardiology Department

Process and cost analysis for the optimization of workflows in heart cath lab under DRG conditions

Technology & Infrastructure

Saudi Arabia: Radiology Department
Space and layout planning using simulation

UK: Workflow optimization in a hospital

Optimization of infusion pump workflows using RFID

Qatar: Health Center

IT strategy for a newly constructed, fully digital health center

Germany: Cardiology Department