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ExpertGuidanceYour Extended Reality experience for equipment onboarding and clinical workflow knowledge.

In the healthcare sector, system and clinical workflows are increasing in complexity, requiring digital technologies to develop a skilled workforce. Offering immersive education solutions to your workforce increases your reputation as an innovate employer and can enable you to bring patient care to the next level. 

Reduce onboarding time and minimize errors, while providing advanced clinical capabilities and skills development with immersive education. ExpertGuidance is an Extended Reality training application designed to increase your operational efficiency and decrease the time to proficiency in regards to equipment onboarding and clinical workflows.


Medical staff exploring ExpertGuidance in virtual reality

ExpertGuidance is an Extended Reality training application designed to increase your operational efficiency and decrease the time to proficiency in regard to equipment onboarding and clinical workflows.

  • The application provides training modules – from basic functionalities of medical equipment from Siemens Healthineers to the user interface and functionality of buttons and step-by-step instructions for complex clinical workflows. 
  • Using 3D simulations and Extended Reality in a virtual examination room, ExpertGuidance supports digital lifelong education. It is fast and easily accessible anytime and anywhere on a desktop computer as well as mobile devices.


Overview modules - system and workflow simulation 

Gives you a fast, easy, and helpful first impression of your Siemens Healthineers system and its look and feel. 
This addition to the onboarding training at your facility allows you to familiarize yourself with the equipment and its functionalities – mobile and in real time.

ExpertGuidance provides education even before your equipment is installed 

ExpertGuidance - equipment selection

Choose what you want to learn.

Expert Guidance System Introductions

Learn about the basic information of your ARTIS system through interactive hotspots.

CS ExpertGuidance Simulation

Practice moving your ARTIS system1 by touching the interactive joysticks on the virtual control console.

ExpertGuidance Virtual reality

Experience the system in an immersive environment and take control as you would do it in reality. 

ExpertGuidance Augmented reality

Place a virtual equipment in your operating room, scale it to actual size, and then simulate realistic movements in 
real time using the controls on your iPad touchscreen.

ExpertGuidance offers training modules with step-by-step instructions for different clinical uses:

Explore medical workflows and enhance competency in clinical procedures while interacting with the equipment anytime and anywhere in a safe, simulated environment without equipment downtime to boost your workforce confidence prior to performing a real patient case.

Expert Guidance Surgery


Endovascular Aneurysm Repair 

ExpertGuidance Cardiology


Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

ExpertGuidance Neurology


Aneurysm Management 

ExpertGuidance Neurology


Mechanical Thrombectomy


Tablet with ExpertGuidance SiteViewer

SiteViewer, uses AR and 3D tech for realistic visualization of future healthcare environments. It facilitates planning with SitePlanner and showcases your tailored designs for interactive project reviews. In addition, it provides virtual representation of future workspaces and allows assessment of sample rooms for a better understanding of room dimensions and capabilities. SiteViewer's built-in AR features offer an immersive experience of your future healthcare environment.

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