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Access to care


Think local. Act globally.

Every person on earth has the right to safe medical care. In regard to the World Health Summit 2021 in Berlin, Germany, in October, we took a closer look at what needs to be done to pursue this goal.

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Digitalizing healthcare


Data as key to personalized medicine

Many people respond to the use of sensitive data with skepticism, which is only logical in a well-informed society. Here, we look at why the responsible handling of health data offers such a wealth of opportunities.

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The climate crisis and its effect on global healthcare with Dame Jackie Daniel | Christoph Zindel
33 min
Climate change cannot be just wished away without stakeholders taking significant steps to reverse it. To mount an efficient offense against carbon emission, it is important that all industries understand how they contribute to it as well as the steps they can take to get measurable results. The healthcare industry has already seen some stakeholders taking steps to reduce its footprint.