Multix Fusion – Analog version

Multix Fusion – Analog Version

Fits your needs. Fits your budget.

The analog X-ray system Multix Fusion solves the challenge of meeting your needs within your budget. It fits your needs regarding ease of use, image quality, dose reduction, efficiency, speed, and versatility with the excellence you expect from Siemens Healthineers. It fits your budget in terms of total cost of ownership, patient throughput, and return on investment. In designing the system, we included an easy upgrade path for going digital, so you can smoothly migrate to digital whenever you want.

Features & Benefits

Multix Fusion

Multix Fusion is comfortable to maneuver, so you can easily position your patients. High-end components such as table, tube, bucky wall stand and imaging software make a difference in productivity, patient friendliness, and dose reduction.

Multix Fusion

Easy-to-position tube
Smooth and easy operation

Intuitive control at your fingertips
Intuitive color touch display right at the tube

Intelligent dose reduction, comprehensive dose evaluation
Various grid options and easy grid removal – minimize dose for all patients

All-in-one table
Free-floating, and height-adjustable table

Intelligent system features
Automated system functions and smart features for increased speed and ease of use

Multix Fusion

Multix Fusion – Analog version contains key components from our industry-leading Ysio system. Benefit from our R&D innovations and get a system that exactly fits your needs. It gives you investment security – with many options for upgrading your system. Just choose the variant that best suits your clinical requirements and investment budget.

Multix Fusion

Designed for low total cost of ownership (TCO)
Proven key components from high-end X-ray systems

Small space requirements – to fit your room and your budget
Multix Fusion – Analog version fits virtually all existing X-ray rooms

High patient throughput – thanks to fast exams
Quick and comfortable patient positioning Increased employee satisfaction

Operation is easy and intuitive Increased training efficiency
Rich synergies with other Siemens Healthineers modalities

Flexible system concept
Analog and digital variants available

Clinical Use

"We went with the Fusion because it offers us the quality and flexibility we need at the price point we wanted.”1
Rick Helton, Medical Imaging Manager, Soin Medical Center, USA

“As a radiologist I depend on reproducible, high quality images from any type of patient. With Multix Fusion we’re finally able to get them!”1
Anna Schiefer, M.D., Pediatric Radiologist, Klinikum Sued Nuernberg, Germany

“The various automation features of Multix Fusion just fit, to get exams done in a quick and easy way.”1
Rong Zhang, Radiographer, Changzheng Hospital Shanghai China

Reliable tracking synchronizes the movements of tube and cassette in the bucky wall stand. Thanks to an impressive vertical range of 180 cm (71’’), the tube can go down where the patient’s feet are.

The height-adjustable table has a free-floating tabletop. You can move it to the required position quickly and effortlessly, and lower it to 52 cm (21’’) for easy patient access.

An impressive 190 cm (75’’) patient coverage ensures that patients can be examined from head to toe without repositioning.

The tracking of tube and cassette in the table keeps the SID constant.

You can set and change all key image parameters like kV or mAs directly at the intuitive color touch display at the tube – there is no need to leave the patient alone in the room.

The color touch display features color bars that clearly show when the system is ready – visible even from a distance

Technical Details

Multix Fusion – Analog version is designed for routine radiography and can be tailored to your requirements, today and the future.

Minimum space requirements


W: 495 cm (195")
D: 365 cm (144")
H: 267 cm (105")

Ceiling-mounted tube support

Travel range


352 cm (139”)

Vertical travel range

180 cm (71”)



Patient table


Tabletop dimensions

240 cm (94”) x 80 cm (32”)

Table height

51.5 cm (20”) to 95.5 cm (38”)

Max. patient weight

300 kg (661 Ibs)

Max. patient coverage

190 cm (75”) without patient repositioning