Right Dose Portfolio Overview
Right Approach to Radiation Dose Management

Right Dose Portfolio Overview
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The Right Dose Technology includes a comprehensive scope of imaging modalities, applications and system services to manage and reduce radiation dose.

Powerful Hardware and Intelligent Software

The Right Dose Management hardware fleet covers the full range of imaging modalities – from hybrid systems to women’s health diagnostics – and is specifically designed to deliver maximum image quality with minimum dose. The software portfolio helps you derive maximum information from a medical image while managing dose and keeping it at a sensible minimum for patients and staff.

These are just some of the many highlights.


Find out information about the Artis Q.zen product line for interventional imaging and software tools designed to enhance image quality and save dose.

Portfolio Highlight

The Artis Q.zen product line for interventional imaging is a visionary breakthrough in X-ray detection with unique sensitivity enabling ultra-low dose imaging. It takes performance in X-ray generation and precision to the next level.

Software and Applications

CARE+CLEAR depicts a portfolio of software tools designed to enhance image quality and save dose. They are all based on the belief, that every patient and every clinical case is different. Only the user should decide on the image quality needed, and then determine the lowest possible dose. CAREfilter, CAREposition and CAREguard are outstanding examples of software-based applications that benefit dose saving and dose monitoring in the angiography suite.

Computer Tomography

Find out information about the CT innovation technology to effectively reduce patient radiation exposure.

The SOMATOM® Force allows for a dose reduction of up to 50% less than today’s leading CT systems. CARE Dose4D, CARE kV, and the Advanced Modeled Iterative Reconstruction ADMIRE1 make up a comprehensive dose reduction and dose management portfolio, enabling the perfect dose level to deliver the best possible image quality.

CARE Right

For Computed Tomography, providing sound and sustainable results means applying the right dose to your patients for sound diagnostic imaging. Consequently, Siemens is committed to the right dose in CT with the holistic dedicated computed tomography approach CARE Right. The Right Dose Technology, like CARE Dose4D, CARE kV or ADMIRE, enables clinical staff with appropriate means to effectively reduce patient radiation.


Learn more about innovation technology in mammography.

The Mammomat Inspiration with the Siemens unique PRIME Technology2,10, offer up to 30% less dose3 and uncompromised image quality in women’s health diagnostics. The latest technological innovation, the faster direct-to-digital aSe detector (the substantial element of clinically advanced digital mammography technology) and dose saving algorithms individually calculate the exposure.

CARE Applications for X-ray Products

The CARE program combines a variety of cutting-edge applications that reduce radiation dose to patients and staff. As a result, image quality is maintained while reducing dose.

Molecular Imaging

Learn more about innovation technology in molecular imaging.

The PET·CT imaging scanner Biograph mCT Flow offers innovative solutions that allow the lowest dose to be administered, while still scanning patients faster than ever before. Now clinicians can have it all – scans with half the dose and double the speed.
And by reducing dose and increasing speed, patient safety and utilization are improved while costs are dramatically reduced.

One of the key trends in nuclear medicine has been the ever-increasing demand for faster myocardial perfusion imaging. Historically, image quality has been limited by the number of detected photons. Siemens IQ·SPECT is the only technology today that performs ultra-fast cardiac imaging with a general purpose camera. With IQ·SPECT, physicians can perform a myocardial perfusion imaging study in approximately 4 minutes using the standard dose, 8 minutes using half the standard dose or 16 minutes using one-quarter of the standard dose.

System Services

Surrounded each day by a variety of challenges –patients, staff, technology, and legal – healthcare professionals need to be sure they get the best support available. This drives the ever-increasing demand for high-quality services and care in the competitive healthcare sector.

Siemens Performance Plans

With Siemens Performance Plans we attempt to free you from technical worries and we tailor service contracts to your-specific needs.

Reducing downtime to an absolute minimum and taking extra care of specific components that are essential to a patient-sensitive emission of radiation dos, e.g. the X-ray tube, are a fundamental part of the Siemens Performance Plans service offering strategy. Having a Siemens service contract means having the right assets in the right place and at the right time – a crucial factor when fostering your institution’s reputation as a place of care where radiation dose sensitivity is at the top of the agenda.

Siemens Guardian Program incl. Tube Guard

Live, real-time, and remote: The Siemens Guardian Program ensures your systems’ uninterrupted performance by proactively monitoring for deviations from current norms, making it possible to detect and resolve system errors before malfunctions occur.

TubeGuard predicts possible tube failures in dedicated computed tomography and molecular imaging systems. As the essential dose-emitting piece of technology, the X-ray tube should is protected by design at all times from possible failures. In the unlikely event of a failure or malfunction nonetheless, TubeGuard can predict these kinds of events and spare users from actually emitting patient harming levels of radiation dose. Systems with components in question are automatically shut down until a safe level of operation can be fully restored and maintained.

Evolve Program

The Siemens Evolve Program is a dedicated investment protection program that enables imaging systems to operate at top performance levels throughout their entire life-span. With the Evolve Program integrated with a service agreement we can take care of pending upgrades, all installation processes, and necessary trainings.

With system updates and upgraded across entire organizations and for multiple modalities, you can always provide the latest medical technology available, also ensuring patient safety and an unbeatable reputation for quality, innovation and efficiency. In terms of dose technology, this program enables access to the latest dose saving technology even many years after initial equipment purchase. As an innovation leader in dose technology, it is only natural that Siemens technology evolves frequently. With the Evolve Program you can rest assured that your systems are always automatically up to date when it comes to new developments in hardware, software and components.

Options and Upgrades

With Siemens Options & Upgrades offerings you can extend your system’s lifetime and reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), improve process efficiency and optimize asset utilization, broaden your clinical spectrum and create additional revenue streams. So you can differentiate from your competition – with industry-leading features.

Here you can find only an extent of Options & Upgrades offerings to effective manage and reduce dose in different modalities.


Low-dose syngo DynaCT

The Low-dose syngo DynaCT protocol achieves acceptable image quality at lowest possible dose values in a lot of cases (Figure 69). This protocol is for radiosensitive patients, such as pediatric patients, and provides adequate diagnostic image quality. In clinical practice, the balance between image quality and dose has to be considered.

Computer Tomography


(Advanced Modeled Iterative Reconstruction) our latest right dose technology and the next generation in iterative reconstruction from Siemens. ADMIRE sets a new benchmark in iterative reconstruction instead of limiting its potential for clinical routine.


(Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction) finally made it possible to benefit from iterative reconstruction with a dose reduction potential of up to 60%2 in clinical routine, even in environments where time is crucial, such as acute care.

Molecular Imaging


TrueV increases the amount of detector material and extends the field of view (FoV) of the PET detectors in the z-direction of the patient in order to capture more information for the same amount of activity.

The Biograph family of PET/CT systems possesses a feature, called TrueV, that is directly aimed at dose reduction. TrueV increases the amount of detector material and extends the field of view (FoV) of the PET detectors in the z-direction of the patient in order to capture more information for the same amount of activity. Biograph PET/CT systems employ 3D acquisition technology. By applying this method, any extension of the field of view leads to tremendous benefits in data acquisition. Increasing the field of view by 34.8% yields an improvement in sensitivity and count-rate performance of about 77%. With TrueV the injected dose to the patient can be reduced while keeping all the other scan parameters the same, and image quality is maintained.

Asset Planning Session

Maximize the potential of your Siemens system with an Asset Planning Session.

Asset Planning Sessions are designed to help you address challenges in your organization by identifying potential gaps between what the market is doing, what you are doing currently, and your strategic goals. By aligning your assets to your strategy, this invaluable tool allows you to identify the potential for reducing cost and increasing revenues with your existing equipment fleet.

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1ADMIRE (Advanced Modeled Iterative Reconstruction) is an advanced iterative image reconstruction algorithm that achieves higher resolution at organ borders and improved delineation of edges.

2PRIME is an option and is for a maximum breast thickness of 70 mm under compression.

3Compared to grid-based acquisition with Mammomat Inspiration, depending on breast thickness.