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In the syngo.via1 Community you can interact directly with fellow users, ask questions, post your own material. You get exclusive access to educational material, like syngo.via tutorials and tips & tricks.

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These are some of the benefits of joining the syngo.via Community:

Connect with colleagues

Connect with peers and share and discuss your clinical experience of syngo.via.

syngo.via Tutorials

Become a syngo.via expert with easily accessible tutorials and tips & tricks.

Direct Siemens contact

Ask us about syngo.via. All questions will be answered personally.

Listen and engage

Improve your skills and benefit from exclusive syngo.via information in one central place.

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Guided Tours

These tours will guide you through the registration process and navigation of the syngo.via Community.

Start new account/Provide mailing details

Please click the Register button, choose your prefered language and fill in the forms with all necessary informations marked with a *.

Provide service details

Please check your submitted information and click Next to confirm and submit finally.

Check your e-mails

Now, please check your e-mail account and follow the link in your e-mail. It leads you to the Siemens Healthcare User Forum again.

Set your password

Please set up a password.

Access Healthcare User Forum

At this point your Account on the Siemens Healthcare User-Forum is activated successfully. Important: Now you have to click Access Healthcare User Forum to get to the syngo.via Community (see circle).

Login to the Siemens Healthcare User Forum

Please log in again by clicking the Login button.

Terms of use

Please read the terms of use if you haven‘t done by now and click Proceed.

syngo.via Community

Choose syngo.via Community

Almost done

Here you have to leave a message to the syngo.via Community manager. Please insert informations like name of your hospital and address. Please accept the terms and conditions and Request to Join.

Click syngo.via Community to enter

Click syngo.via Community to enter.

Update your profile with a picture

By clicking on Siemens Healthcare User Forum in the upper left corner (see circle) you‘re always reaching your starting page of the User Forum. Here you can see the latest posts, your inbox and all the groups you are a member in.

Feel free to update your profil with a picture

On the left side you can see all post categories. The last category Tutorials contains all uploaded syngo.via Online-Tutorials. 

At My Posts you can see all the posts you‘ ve created. If you are connected with other colleagues you can see their posts as well. 

At Group Members are all syngo.via Community members listed. At this view you see only the first three members. To expand the list click all group members.

Filter posts

If you want to read posts only from one type, person, tag, user or month use the function Filter underneath Latest Posts & Discussions (or the search field on the top right corner). 


Furthermore you can sort the displayed posts by:

  • Date ascending
  • Date descending
  • Title ascending
  • Title descending
  • Comments ascending
  • Comments descending 
Get connected world wide

Get connected with colleagues all over the world: Click syngo.via Community and choose the member you want to connect with. Click connect. The community member gets an e-mail from the Siemens Healthcare User Forum with the notice, that you want to connect. After his approval you will recieve an e-mail. And the other way round: when someone sends you a connection request you recieve an e-mail likewise. Go to your Profile. Here you can see your current connections and all connection requests.

Write a message

You can write a message to:

  • Colleagues you‘re connected to
  • All group moderators
  • All group members

1. If you are on your main page of the Siemens Healthcare User Forum you can go directly to My Inbox. Click New Message.
2. If you‘re on the main page your group (community), you can write a message by clicking on Profile. Click New Message.

With the + you can choose the person you want to send a message (see left picture) to.

Create a post
  1. Click the Button Create a Post
  2. Choose the group you want to post in
  3. Select the category you want to post in
  4. Write your text

  5. Create tags and attach an image, video or file if you like
  6. Submit

You can attach the following types of files:

  • Pictures: gif., jpg., jpeg., bmp., png., tif.
  • Documents: pdf., doc., docx., ppt., pptx., xls., xlsx., odt., ods., odp.
  • Videos: flv., mp4.
  • Note: the size of each file is limited to 100 MB


Asking a question follows the same process like creating a post.

Contact Us

Any questions about the syngo.via Community? Every question you may have will be answered personally by our syngo.via Community support staff.