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MAGNETOM Sempra is an allround scanner especially suitable for routine clinical use, which matters most on daily basis. It unlocks new clinical opportunities with Trendsetting Applications that enable you to provide a greater variety of exams to a greater number of patients and to cover all the important body regions.


Achieve high resolution and benefit from fast protocols and quieter exams for uncooperative patients. Your MAGNETOM Sempra’s Neuro Suite includes advanced protocols for diffusion imaging, perfusion imaging, and fMRI. The Brain Dot Engine helps increase consistency, even when conditions change during the course of the examination.


Ortho Suite includes a comprehensive collection of protocols for joint imaging including the spine. Tim 4G’s ultra high-density coils for MSK imaging improve SNR and anatomic coverage. Dedicated protocols incorporating various techniques such as high bandwidths, view angle tilting and Advanced WARP1 allows improved visualization of soft tissues in the presence of MR safe metalic implants.

Body Imaging

New certainty in Body MRI: FREEZEit helps you overcome motion and opens up many diagnostic possibilities. With the Abdomen Dot Engine, standardized, efficient, and comprehensive workflows for the upper abdomen with excellent image quality are provided. And with LiverLab you can perform quantitative liver evaluation, non-invasively, on the fly.


The Cardiac Suite covers comprehensive 2D routine cardiac applications, ranging from morphology and ventricular function to tissue characterization. MyoMaps provides an additional layer of valuable diagnostic information about even subtle changes in tissue composition – on the fly. DotGO’s on-board guidance helps make cardiac part of your clinical routine. The Cardiac Dot Engine simplifies complete cardiac localization with AutoAlign Heart.


With the Angio Suite, excellent MR Angiography can be performed to visualize arteries and veins with or without contrast agent. For scans with contrast media, the Angio Dot Engine helps realize optimized bolus timing at every examination. Real-time graphics and AutoVoice Commands assist the user in organizing the ideal timing of breathing, scanning, and contrast media.

Breast MRI

From clinical to biopsy guidance, MAGNETOM Sempra offers a wide range of protocols including standard diagnotic scans, implant evaluation including silicone suppression and biopsy. Excellent soft tissue differentiation and flexible multiplanar visualization allow for fast, simple and reproducible evaluation of MRI breast examinations. The Breast Dot Engine offers different workflows for optimized image quality and consistency.

Prostate MRI

With the combination of the high-density spine and body matrix coils alone MAGNETOM Sempra enables excellent multiparametric imaging of the prostate in terms of morphology, physiology, and function. Together with dedicated solutions for reading and reporting, the workflow for prostate MRI is comprehensively covered.


MAGNETOM Sempra’s Onco Suite features a collection of sequences, protocols, and evaluation tools that guide users through the detailed assessment of a variety of oncological conditions. Together with DotGO’s on-board guidance, this innovative technology improves patient throughput and provides superb image quality.


Pediatric MRI

Tissue relaxation times in pediatrics2 are very different compared to those of adults. The reasons for these differences are: developing tissues, body size, faster heart rates, and compliance with breathhold commands. With MAGNETOM Sempra, protocols are available to be adapted for imaging infants.

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1The MRI restrictions (if any) of the metal implant must be considered prior to patient undergoing MRI exam. MR imaging of patients with metallic implants brings specific risks. However, certain implants are approved by the governing regulatory bodies to be MR conditionally safe. For such implants, the previously mentioned warning may not be applicable. Please contact the implant manufacturer for the specific conditional information. The conditions for MR safety are the responsibility of the implant manufacturer, not of Siemens Healthineers.

2The safety of imaging infants under two years of age has not been established. The responsible physician must evaluate the benefits of the MR examination compared to those of other imaging procedures.