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Is your current equipment ready for new healthcare trends? Will it allow you to meet all of your patients’ needs? We created Dual Source CT to prepare you for these challenges. Thanks to unrivaled power and precision, Dual Source CT enables you to obtain high-quality results in every situation easily and conveniently. Our revolutionary technology is the right match for even the most challenging and advanced imaging applications. With Dual Source technology, you can now face tomorrow´s healthcare needs with confidence.

DSCT in cardiac imaging

Dual Source CT provides the right cardiac acquisition, for the right patient, for the right clinical indication.

Heart disease is a growing concern. How do you achieve optimal procedural planning with a diverse patient mix? How do you get high-quality images even when facing the challenge of cardiac motion?

DSCT was designed to answer these challenging questions through industry-leading native temporal resolution and precision.

Watch the video to learn how to acquire high-quality images for even the most challenging and advanced cardiac applications.

Technology ready beyond tomorrow

Dual Source CT offers five key imaging modes. They help you perform imaging procedures beyond the capabilities of single source scanners.

Fast temporal resolution

Dual Source CT can achieve temporal resolutions even below 75 milliseconds because both tubes work together during scans. No matter how demanding the application, you get artifact-free images beyond the physical limitations of single source scanners.

Turbo Flash

Dual Source CT is capable of high-pitch spiral scans, resulting in unparalleled routine acquisition speeds that help you keep patient motion in check.

Dual Energy

Dual Source CT Dual Energy spectral imaging allows you to cover large anatomical volumes at high speeds and low doses. Because you always get the widest spectral separation possible, you can quantify even the subtlest changes such as bone marrow defects. With independent kV and mAs options for each tube, coupled with the dose-reducing Tin Filter and enhanced spectral separation, this is Dual Energy as it is meant to work.

Dual Power

Dual Source CT offers unrivaled imaging power. With the combined output of two extraordinary tubes along with lower kV imaging capabilities, you can keep radiation dose and contrast media levels down.

Adaptive 4D Spiral

Dual Source CT is ideally suited for dynamic imaging. Thanks to precise table movements and two powerful tubes, it lets you achieve extremely wide coverage at exactly the right moment in time while keeping the dose in check all along.

Clinical Use of SOMATOM Force

At the top of our Dual Source CT portfolio, SOMATOM Force enables a new level of adaptability to patients, image quality, and clinical outcomes. Examine patients without having to control their heart rate, with no need for them to hold their breath, and with the lowest possible dose of contrast media. Make clearly quantified therapy evaluations with dose-neutral Dual Energy. See yourself.

Clinical Use of SOMATOM Drive

SOMATOM Drive, our second Dual Source CT scanner, provides reliable diagnostic results across all clinical disciplines and helps you achieve a new quality of patient care. See for yourself how you can individualized treatment for every patient.

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