SOMATOM Perspective
Open new opportunities

SOMATOM Perspective

This high-end CT scanner is now available in four upgradeable configurations, giving healthcare facilities room to grow.

CT Scanner SOMATOM Perspective – Single Source Dual Energy
Single Source Dual Energy

This technology adds valuable quantitative information to morphology, and can be used for reducing metal artifacts and more.

Proven efficiency

SOMATOM Perspective saves money and resources – from your initial investment to your daily routine.

Illumination Moodlight

The unique Illumination MoodlightTM provides a more comfortable scanning environment – and can be easily adjusted to your personal preference.

SOMATOM® Perspective is a high-end CT scanner that delivers economical benefits without compromising on patient care.

Innovative technologies such as SAFIRE boost diagnostic confidence while reducing dose, and the unique eCockpit improves cost efficiency by minimizing energy consumption and wear and tear.

SOMATOM Perspective is available in four upgradeable configurations, giving healthcare facilities room to grow.


Manage your financial performance.
SOMATOM Perspective, with its unique eMode, is the first scanner on the market to deliver medically superior performance while also considering your business perspectives.

Widen your clinical portfolio.
Innovative Siemens technology and design open doors for new business in high-end CT imaging, with more applications, and a better perspective for your patients and your daily routine.

Ease your working day.
SOMATOM Perspective keeps your clinical needs in view, by enhancing usability and productivity, delivering workflow excellence, improving overall results and increasing efficiency.

The unique eMode allows you to operate the scanner in the most patient-friendly and financially-efficient way – with one click

Illumination Moodlight
Illumination Moodlight, the most evident design element of the SOMATOM Perspective, creates a comfortable environment and can easily be adjusted to personal preferences.

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