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SOMATOM go.Now offers easy diagnosis in fewer workflow steps. It delivers submillimeter slices over the full detector width, is equipped with a long-lasting tube, and features CARE i-Tilt for the protection of sensitive organs while acquiring data from a non-tiltable gantry.

Slices16 (32 with IVR)
Rotation times1.5 s, 1.0 s (opt. 0.8 s)
Tube3.5 MHU (8.75 MHU)1
Power32 kW (80 kW)2
High voltage80, 110, 130 kV
mA240 mA (opt. 400 mA)
600 mA (opt. 1000 mA)1
z-coverage1.1 cm (16 x 0.7 mm)
Max. table load160 kg (227 kg opt.)
Iterative reconstructionSAFIRE


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1Equivalent value with SAFIRE