syngo.CT DE Heart PBV

With its high temporal resolution, Dual Source CT has greatly improved coronary CT angiography, because it is less sensitive to high heart rates or arrhythmia than other types of scanners.

Features & Benefits

With Dual Energy CT, it is possible to color-code iodine content to visualize organ perfusion. In a single scan you can characterize lesions, as well as performing myocardial blood-pool imaging to determine whether any of those lesions can cause a significant stenosis – for example, a blood-pool defect in the myocardium. This enables the cardiologist to plan appropriate therapeutic strategies more reliably and more quickly.


Clinical Applications
syngo.CT DE Heart PBV assists you to visualize iodine concentration in the myocaridum, thus helping to reveal perfusional defects. In addition, a virtual non-contrast display can be used to identify myocardial edema.


  • Easy-to-use slide bar to adjust the mixing ratio to either see more of the virtual unenhanced image or the enhanced image
  • Comparison of the iodine uptake at the hypoperfused area to the normally perfused area of the myocardium to see the dimension of the perfusional defect by drawing an ROI
  • ROI annotation with iodine concentration (mg/ml), HU values of low- and high-kV datasets and HU values of the mixed image
  • On-the-fly collection of all findings and key images in the Findings Navigator while reading the case
  • Seamless integration of Dual Energy pre-processing into the CT Cardio-vascular Engine for the visualization of iodine distribution in the myocardium

General Requirements

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syngo.via (VA 11)

Please Note: Additional technical pre-requisites may apply. Upon receiving your request, your local Siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements.