CT imaging in oncology
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CT imaging in oncology
CT imaging in oncology
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Oncological imaging with Computed Tomography (CT) means daily business for nearly all radiology departments. From characterization of suspicious findings, staging and follow-up imaging in oncology means not only standardized imaging and reporting, but also to provide precise information in a complex clinical situation. And advances in screening and therapy do demand more than ever. Siemens Healthineers offers perfectly attuned solutions in oncology, focussing on

Features & Benefits

Rely on precise imaging
Precise imaging and diagnosis is key to right treatment selection and control. And doing so, CT can help in expanding precision medicine. But precision in CT can be achieved only if the whole chain, from image acquisition to reporting, is taken into account. For example, profit from:

  • Stellar detector technology for highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), available in all SOMATOM CT scanners
  • Low kV capabilities for improved contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR) in contrast media enhanced scans
  • Unique technologies for image reading like rib unfolding and zero-click lung nodule detection for second reader, available for SOMATOM go. platform and as Rapid Results for all SOMATOM CT scanners with the syngo.via Onco Engine. Read also about syngo.via for CT Flex plan to be more flexible in regards to advanced image reading and post-processing capabilities. 

Keep control on exposure
Early detection of cancer is often the main factor to successful cure. And early detection does not only mean to screen e.g. patients with a very high risk of lung or colorectal cancer, it also means in some situations long-term if not life time monitoring during and after therapy. But repetitive CT can add a high cumulative radiation exposure. So keep an eye on radiation exposure and make your patient experience to profit from each scan instead of being worried on radiation:

  • Save additional native scans for routine by virtual native images reconstructed from a Dual Energy CT scan.
  • Use the unique Tin Filter Technology to lower radiation levels of native lung scans down to conventional X-ray exams.
  • Iterative reconstructions available for all SOMATOM CT scanners help to improve signal-to-noise ratio without compromises in image quality.
  • Low kV capabilities also for perfusion CT do not only improve contrast-to-noise ratio but also enable to reduce radiation and / or contrast media dosage. 

Function matters

Complex treatments require more information than just diameters. Provide surrogates and quantitative measures with Dual Energy CT and VPCT. And with your post-processing solutions for DE CT and volume perfusion CT including zero-click generation of iodine maps, low keV etc. images with Rapid Results and technologies for automated motion correction, 4D noise cancelation and guided workflow for liver and body perfusion, access to the results of functional imaging is simpler than ever before so you can potentially change care delivery.

Clinical Use

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