Improving image quality and optimizing dose in every Artis system.

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Whether your patients are tall or short, obese or slender – you need to see. And in order to see, you need optimal image quality that helps you make the right decision for the patient. Our comprehensive range of CLEAR applications automatically enhances image quality and thus helps increase certainty during interventions without increasing the dose.

CLEAR Benefits

  • Achieves optimized image quality
  • Applies comprehensive image processing
  • Customizes the image display to preferences
  • The CLEAR package is standard with every Artis system


Optimizing image quality – Image acquisition

Advanced image acquisition features like a high-power X-ray tube and optimized brightness achieve excellent contrast when imaging obese patients and avoid overexposures.
Read more about our image processing applications.


With CLEARpulse and the use of an optimized X-ray spectrum, the pulse length can be shortened by 43 percent. This not only reduces dosage for the patient but also improves image quality and sharpness.*


Using the unique histogram analysis, CLEARcontrol correctly exposes the entire image. By automatically enhancing the brightness, contrast and spatial resolution throughout the entire image, it provides better vessel visibility near the diaphragm.

CLEARcontrol - better vessel visibility through automatically enhanced image brightness


Achieving best possible image quality in Roadmap is crucial during complex interventions. CLEARmap enables enhanced image quality and functionality with less system interactions. Get more out of your system by simplifying your workflow, while saving dose and contrast.

CLEARmap - fast and easy access to enhanced image quality in Roadmap


Optimizing image quality – Image processing

Our features provide the entire range of real-time postprocessing tools needed to optimize the contrast and sharpness of the image without increasing the dose. Read more about our image processsing applications.


Using a unique dose-adaptive algorithm, CLEARview reduces the noise in low-dose images. It splits a raw image into its parts and removes the noise with multilevel decomposition. Then the image is reconstructed – and the result is a sharper image.

CLEARview enhances image quality in low-dose imaging


The algorithm of CLEARvessel works automatically in the background in real time to enhance the visibility of vessel edges. For each pixel, the system decides whether it’s part of the background or the vessel – and increases or decreases the contrast to smooth the image.

CLEARvessel improves image quality by enhancing visibility of the vessel edges.


Based on a unique algorithm, CLEARmotion automatically detects fine structures and compensates for motion artifacts. This means optimal visualization of small vessels, fine structures, and guidewires in every heartbeat.

CLEARmotion ensures excellent image quality with every heartbeat.


Patient motion leads to decreased image quality. CLEARmatch keeps the live image while pixel-shifting the mask image in real-time to provide consistent image quality during Roadmap. Get sharper images and enhance your treatment even in challenging situations.

CLEARmatch - compensating for patient movement with next generation real-time pixel-shift


Customizing image quality

Every interventionalist has his/her own preference when it comes to image quality. Some like sharper images, some smoother. With the image presets, you can choose


With CLEARchoice, you can customize image quality to your individual preferences, whether you like smooth images, more contrast or less noise. Simply choose the image quality you want – independent of patient and dose.

See how CLEARchoice provides individually tailored image quality

* Feature only available with Artis Q and Q.zen

** Feature only available on Artis with PURE®