syngo fastView

Simple and Accessible - Viewing images with syngo fastView

syngo fastView

syngo fastView

can be used to view images on CD-ROM or DVD. Most of the newly released syngo-speaking Modalities and Workstations are equipped with the option to burn syngo fastView together with clinical images to CD-ROM or DVD.

These images can be viewed directly from CD-ROM or DVD without installing the software (installation is optional). Please contact your sales representative for more details.

syngo fastView Free Download:

Download 18.0 MB Install Version (*.zip)

syngo fastView Patient Browser:

  • Display of patient list from DICOMDIR
  • Load via drag&drop or double-click
  • Display images from different studies or examinations

syngo fastView Viewer:

  • Accurate display of images with syngo graphic objects
  • Layouts: 1:1, 4:1, 16:1, 1:2 vertical, 9:1 stripe and stack modes
  • Special ultrasound movie mode for cardiac stress echo examinations
  • Special 3 D MPR mode for displaying volume datasets in 3 orthogonal views
  • Special Fusion mode for displaying resampled fusion datasets side by side
  • Simultaneous display of multiple datasets as interactive or automatic movie
  • Realtime display in movie mode for multiframe datasets and dynamic MR series
  • Implicit load of XA scenes via navigating in movie dialog
  • Display of XA scenes with corresponding ECG waveforms
  • Display of Digital Subtracted Angiographie images with OR without anatomical background
  • Zoom/Pan, Magnify, Minimize, Magnifying Glass, Magic Glass (Capture Area)
  • Rotate, Flip, Mirror, Home View
  • Windowing; Standard Window, Window 1 and 2
  • Modality-specific image text (configurable)
  • Save images in JPEG, BMP or AVI formats
  • Direct e-mail access with image converted in JPEG format
  • Print out images on all installed printers
  • Multi-Language support (English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese)
  • Easy access to standard functions via TaskCard icons
  • Dialog for displaying DICOM attributes of selected image


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