Increasing access to care and realizing operational efficiencies at

Penn State Health, USA

Siemens Healthineers and Penn State Health have established a 10-year Value Partnership focusing on patient care access and operational efficiencies, while also building on an already long-standing relationship. As part of this Value Partnership, Siemens Healthineers will help Penn State Health facilities continue to diagnose and treat patients using the most up-to-date diagnostic and imaging capabilities for years to come. By combining upgraded medical technology with streamlined workflows and improved digital connectivity, the Penn State Health community will benefit from enhanced diagnostic services and an improved patient experience.

Value Contribution

6 digital health solutions

Across the enterprise

Working together to improve access to care

Upgrade medical technology

Across imaging and therapy



Drive operational efficiency

Improving digital connectivity to optimize patient diagnosis and treatment plans

Improve access to care

Enabling patients to access care at primary, specialty, and acute facilities closer to home

Upgrade medical technology

Using the latest imaging and therapy systems to diagnose and treat patients 

  • 10-year Value Partnership, building on an already long-standing relationship, to enhance access to care and increase operational efficiencies through digitalization and performance initiatives
  • Technology Roadmap Development and clinical intelligence advancement by leveraging the power of informatics to drive enterprise-wide innovation
  • Maximize staff efficiency with digital health solutions, including teamplay, AI-Rad Companion, AI-Pathway Companion, syngo Virtual Cockpit, Medicalis, and syngo.via

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