MAGNETOM Avanto ecoThe landmark in 1.5T imaging

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MAGNETOM Avanto eco

MAGNETOM® Avanto eco, A Tim+Dot System is the landmark in 1.5T imaging due to Tim technology® in combination with a dramatic reduction in acoustic noise, and a comprehensive application range up to 205 cm whole-body imaging. With the integration of Dot®, the power of Tim is multiplied resulting in greater image consistency and diagnostic confidence, greater ease-of-use, and a day that's more productive than ever before.

Features & Benefits

MAGNETOM Avanto eco with Tim+Dot is helping more customers transform the way they work with MRI. By moving 1.5T imaging to the next level.

Tim+Dot are the direct response to today’s demanding world of healthcare economics. Tim technology unlocks imaging power like never before. Dot is a comprehensive MRI workflow solution that helps take the complexity out of MRI scanning.

Tim integrated

Tim integrated
Tim integrated coil technology changed MRI forever. With excellent image quality and fast acquisition speed, the proven technology is now in nearly 10,000 installations. Whole-body coverage means no repositioning for multiple exams and more exams per day.

Your benefits:

  • Exceptional image quality
  • Faster acquisition and exam time
  • Higher SNR


Dot integrated

The next movement in MRI. Dot is a new way of scanning in MRI – a better way. Dot scanning uses a suite of customizable engines. Allowing the user to personalize exams according to patient needs, build in step-by-step user guidance, and automate MRI exams – either "out of the box" or based on the institution's standards.

Your benefits:

  • Increased consistency and reproducibility
  • Greater ease-of-use
  • Up to 50% increase in productivity1

MAGNETOM Avanto eco provides excellent image quality in addition to short scan times and ease-of-use. It offers leading magnet and gradient technology that are combined with revolutionary image acquisition techniques.

  • High diagnostic confidence due to exceptional magnet homogeneity for excellent fat saturation
  • Large 50 cm Field-of-View providing an excellent view of pathologies
  • Strong gradients for high resolution and short scan times
  • Siemens-unique TimCT technology with Continuous Table movement for CT-like scanning
  • AudioComfort reducing sound-related irritation for the patient by up to 97%1
  • Low-to-the-floor table position of just 47 cm making it accessible for a wide range of patients
  • Feet-first exams for nearly all MRI procedures (e.g. for claustrophobic patients)
  • No table movement restrictions for patients up to 250 kg

MAGNETOM Avanto eco helps to diagnose extremely challenging diseases with a high level of confidence. It facilitates the evaluation of complex pathologies and difficult patients are simply easier to handle.

In each clinical field, syngo® MR applications, powered by Tim+Dot, are helping to create the future of MRI. MAGNETOM Avanto eco offers a high level of flexibility with innovative applications for each body part. And with Tim you can seamlessly scan up to 205 cm with no patient repositioning or coil changes for true whole-body functionality.