The proof: True Breast Tomosynthesis increases breast cancer detection rate by 43%


In April 2014 we already reported on an ongoing Tomosynthesis study conducted by the Lund University in Malmö, Sweden. And now, with the first publication, the proof is established: True Breast Tomosynthesis with the Siemens Mammomat Inspiration detects 43% more breast cancers than traditional mammography.


A total of 7,500 women took part in what is the first half of the study. The study design is unique in that only one view of each breast was taken with tomosynthesis, whereas other studies required two views of each breast. This could result in not only more accurate screening with shorter reading times, but also lower radiation dose than with traditional mammography. The study also showed that less compression could be used, reducing patient discomfort. This could lead to higher levels of participation in future screening programs.


True Breast Tomosynthesis acquires and combines breast images from multiple angles over 50° to create a 3D volume of the entire breast. This is displayed in slices to reduce the impact of overlapping breast tissue that is often a problem with conventional 2D mammography.


Key benefits:

  • Less tissue overlap
  • Higher detection rates
  • Safer diagnosis