ACUSON X600 Ultrason Sistemi
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ACUSON X600 Ultrason Sistemi
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It’s time to rethink standard ultrasound, to demand high-quality imaging, efficiency, and reliability—all from an affordable system for daily, shared-service imaging. The ACUSON X600™ ultrasound system delivers a new standard of “standard” ultrasound, integrating sophisticated ultrasound technologies into a nimble, fleet-footed fighter for excellence in General Imaging, OB/GYN, and more.


Advanced Imaging
Siemens’ pioneering imaging technologies aren’t just reserved for higher-end systems. Even when designing an affordable system, we begin with an advanced imaging engine to deliver quality where it counts. The ACUSON X600 system supports excellent image uniformity throughout the entire field of view, allowing you to fuel your clinical performance across a wide range of applications with insights based on clear, high-resolution images.

Learn more about the advanced imaging tools available on the ACUSON X600 ultrasound system.


Built to Work Smart
Efficiency, like all critical things, is an innovation that must be engineered. It requires thoughtful integration of sophisticated tools designed to streamline workflow, enhance ease of use, and boost efficiency before, during, and after procedures. The ACUSON X600 system incorporates innovations such as knowledge-based workflow tools and available QuikStart rapid boot to deliver the efficiency, practicality, and flexibility demanded by shared-service healthcare.

Learn more about the ACUSON X600 system’s tools for maximum efficiency.


Progress and Protection
The best protection for your ultrasound investment is the ability to take advantage of technological progress. The ACUSON X600 system continuously benefits from software and hardware upgrades pioneered on higher-end systems. With advanced features provided standard, as well as options for customization, this cost-effective, core system can evolve and adapt for years of critical service across a wide range of applications.

Learn more about the advanced features provided standard on the ACUSON X600 ultrasound system.

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