Mobilett Mira Max
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Mobilett Mira Max
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Mobilett Mira Max, your mobile X-ray imaging companion, comes equipped with great usability and beneficial technology which aids you in obtaining excellent image quality and boosting efficiency.

System specification 
Power outputMax. 35 kW, max. 450 mA
Footprint (l x w x h)113 cm x 59.5 cm x 157 cm (44.5“ x 23.4“ x 61.8“)
Max. focal spot height213.5 cm (84“)
Tube positioning: Max. horizontal extension124.5 cm (49“)
System weight (w/o optional accessories)Approx. 375 kg (825 Ibs)
MAX wi-D detectorDimensions 35 cm x 43 cm x 1.9 cm (14” x 17” x 0.7”)
Scintillator Cesium iodide (Csl)
Weight 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
MAX mini detectorDimensions 24 cm x 30 cm x 1.6 cm (10” x 12” x 0.6”)
Scintillator Cesium iodide (Csl)
Weight 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
Clinical workflow 
System accessOption of either standard key or numeric keypad / PIN code
User interfacesyngo FLC
Standard battery pack (65 Ah)Battery operation time 6 h/200 exposures at 70 kV/20 mAs
Standby time (On state) 12 h
High power battery pack
(Option) (90 Ah)
Battery operation time 8 h/270 exposures at 70 kV/20 mAs
Standby time (On state) 16 h
Image processingDiamondView Plus - Automatic, dose-neutral image processing for improved organ-specific contrast and detail
Detector sharingPossible across all MAX systems via MAXswap
Accessories / Options 
Dose Area Product (DAP) measurementIntegrated dose area product measurement system
Infrared remote controlOperating range 10 m (33 ft), 180°
WLAN connectivityIndustrial-strength WLAN module
Supported WLAN standards: 802.11 a/b/e/g/h/i/n
Supported frequency bands: 2.4 / 5 GHz
Giraffe designFor creating a relaxed atmosphere


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