syngo.via RT Image Suite
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syngo.via RT Image Suite
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SOMATOM Definition AS Open - RT Pro edition with syngo.via RT Image Suite

Start the RT challenge with an advantage
.via RT Image Suite supports you in getting more out of your CT images.

  • Streamlined workflow with data pre-fetching and easy export of images and contours
  • Easy review and selection of the right images with the ability to display up to 4 series side-by-side1
  • Flexible and confident contouring of moving tumors, using 4D CT data, AverageCT, t-MIP, and individual breathing phases
  • Efficient contour propagation over breathing phases2 and fast generation of ITV
  • Expandable with further syngo.via CT applications3

MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Aera and MAGNETOM Skyra

syngo.via RT Image Suite helps leverage MRI information in Radiation Therapy by enabling you to:

  • Visualize MR images with the proven syngo image quality
  • Easily select the appropriate MR series thanks to the image preview function
  • Load and register MR sequences reconstructed in different orientations
  • Contour in any orientation, including oblique, and on a variety of anatomical and multi-parametric images, such as T1, T2, Diffusion-weighted, and more - allowing you to utilize all information at hand
  • Display up to 4 series or fused-image series side-by side1, to get the complete picture of the patient
  • Support the use of MR information with Rigid and Deformable3 Registration, even when the images are not acquired in the treatment position
  • Start contouring on MRI without the need of a planning CT, supporting a flexible “CT-free” workflow in external beam RT planning and brachytherapy
  • Efficiently involve expert research collaborators, thanks to the syngo.via client-server architecture

Biograph mCT

Visualize the molecular change of cancer with Biograph mCT:
syngo.via RT image Suite enables you to smoothly integrate PET functional information in your Radiation Therapy workflow.

  • High quality syngo-based visualization of PET and PET/CT
  • Threshold-based contouring of Molecular Imaging data such as PET for example
  • Ability to display and contour on up to 4 images or image series side-by side1, to get the complete picture of the patient’s condition
  • Rigid and Deformable3 Registration to support the use of PET images, even when not acquired in the treatment position
  • Easier management of complex cases thanks to efficient collaboration with other experts such as Nuclear Medicine Physicians, with the syngo.via-based client-server architecture
  • Expandable with syngo.PET&CT Oncology3, for example to monitor treatment progress
  • Import of RT structure sets including GTVs created in syngo.PET&CT Oncology3


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1Requires Advanced Visualization option

2Requires Deformable Registration option