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Anytime Access, Easy to Install, Economical
syngo MI Applications is not limited to workstations. It can also be deployed on the new client-server platform! provides anywhere, anytime access to the full processing and reading capabilities of syngo MI Applications - from any PC or Mac! The solution is easy to install and operate, as it connects with existing cameras, RIS, and PACS. is also economical to maintain and expand. Administration is centralized in one server, and additional user licenses can be added at any time.


  • ACCESS to full processing and reading capabilities from anywhere
  • EASY to install and operate
  • ECONOMICAL to maintain and expand is an economical client-server solution for anywhere, anytime processing and reading of SPECT and SPECT•CT studies. Any standard PC or Mac with network connection can be set up as a client computer so long as minimum hardware requirements are met. A virtually unlimited number of client computers can be connected and up to five concurrent users have access to the system simultaneously. To take advantage of the full processing and reading capabilities, is configurable with advanced clinical applications, including the Corridor 4DM, Cedars, or Emory cardiac packages. is particularly helpful for scenarios that require remote or off-site image access, such as clinical case review, on-call shifts, 2nd opinion, or off-site reading. Summary