Inveon Research Workplace

Inveon Research Workplace
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IRW 4.2 Standard Package

The Standard Package is the foundation of Inveon Research Workplace. Its easy-to-use tools are presented in an intuitive interface, enabling users to analyze static, gated and dynamic data quickly and easily.


  • Analyze static, gated and dynamic data with support for loading up to three different data sets simultaneously
  • Register images using rigid and affine algorithms, as appropriate ROI display on MIP
  • ROI Math tool (APEx toolkit) for creating custom equations for use with ROIs
  • Image Math tool (APEx toolkit) for performing volumetric voxel-by-voxel calculations on image data
  • New ROI-limited volume calculations which limits calculations to defined regions to improve visualisation and enables advanced processing workflows
  • New user-definable pre-processing workflow templates that improve overall pre-processing efficiencey and improves productivity by up to 2x
  • New user-definable pre-processing workflows improve repr0ducitibility between users, providing more reliable results
  • Automated segmentation (APEx toolkit), including rodent heart segmentation and advanced thresholding
  • DICOM 3.0 compliant export image data in DICOM format, capture graphs and image snapshots as image files or as movie files with one-click and export numerical data as text files. High resolution images can be exported with scale and color bars using user-defined color maps


IRW Pharmacokinetic Modeling Option

The functionality of the core Kinetic Analysis Workflow can be extended by the addition of pharmacokinetic analysis tools to further analyze time-activity data. This option provides a range of standard pharmacokinetic models (shown below) integrated within the kinetic analysis workflow.


  • Two compartment reversible
  • Two compartment irreversible
  • Patlak
  • Reference Patlak
  • Logan
  • Reference Logan
  • Multiple Exponential
  • One tissue compartment model
  • Simplified reference tissue model


Additionally, some of the models listed below can be used to generate parametric images from dynamic data sets that can then be overlaid on the original dynamic data and/or associated anatomical data.


  • Patlak
  • Logan
  • Reference Patlak
  • Reference Logan

IRW 3D Visualization and Analysis Option

The Inveon 3D Visualization and Analysis option allows 3D fusion of multiple static or dynamic volumes simultaneously of any modality and can display both thick orthogonal slices and oblique multiplanar reformatting.


  • Create and export movies of clipping and rotating 3D objects
  • Capable of displaying very large data sets in a native 64-bit application (limited only by the amount of memory installed on the workstation)
  • Wide range of tools that allow the definition of ROIs both for quantification purposes and for 3D display. ROIs can be readily interchanged with the general and kinetic analysis workflows
  • Software includes a specialty tool that enables the analysis of trabecular bone parameters such as bone volume/tissue volume ratios, bone surface/volume ratios, trabecular thickness, trabecular number, trabecular spacing and trabecular pattern factor

Inveon Viewer Option

Inveon Viewer provides users with a set of visualization tools for simple review of image data. Inveon Viewer is installed as a standard item on the acquisition workstation for Inveon imaging systems, which enables ready visualization of image data immediately after image reconstruction. Inveon Viewer facilitates easy sharing of data between users of Inveon Research Workplace and their collaborators. Inveon Viewer is available for purchase for current users of IRW.


  • User-controlled licensing system for easy and flexible delivery of viewer software
  • Easily share data with collaborators using a common analysis platform
  • “On-demand” viewing of image data on Inveon acquisition workstation

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