Prostate MRI
New certainty in prostate cancer assessment

Prostate MRI
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Siemens offers a comprehensive solution portfolio for certainty in prostate cancer assessment. Ranging from coils, scan applications, reading and reporting software, to therapy monitoring tools, Siemens Prostate MRI solutions not only help accelerate accuracy and process efficiency, but also improve patient outcomes.

Perform a non-invasive Prostate MRI exam with surface coils only

Thanks to the excellent SNR provided by our Tim 4G coils, the use of endorectal coils is no longer a necessity for high-quality prostate imaging. Designed as our top-of-the-line solution, the Body 60 coil can be used to reduce scan times by up to 25%1 helping to improve your institutions´ process efficiency.

Improve lesion conspicuity in DWI with RESOLVE

RESOLVE, a Siemens-unique technique for DWI, reduces blurring and susceptibility to artifacts. The resulting images are largely free of distortions and provide higher spatial resolution. With RESOLVE you are able to improve your clinical capabilties by using a technique that achieves diagnostic images even in patients with metal implants.2

Standardize and ease the communication of your findings with PI-RADS

As part of the basic configuration within the syngo.MR General Engine, syngo.MR Prostate Reading allows for intuitive and comprehensive reading and reporting of multiparametric prostate exams. According to the PI-RADS standard, lesions can be rated on a 5-point Likert, scale and findings can be visualized intuitively in a prostate pictogram. This eases communication with referring urologists, ulitmately improving your institutional workflows.

Monitor therapy response early with syngo.MR OncoCare3

syngo.MR OncoCare as part of the syngo.MR Oncology Workflow enables accurate monitoring of oncological lesions, helping determine whether treatment is effective or potentially needs to be reconsidered. A comparison of up to eight exams at different time points is now possible, visualizing regional changes of tissue characteristics.

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1Sonuçlar değişiklik gösterebilir. Yayınlanmamış verilerdir.

2MR imaging of patients with metallic implants brings specific risks. However, certain implants are approved by the governing regulatory bodies to be MR conditionally safe. For such implants, the previously mentioned warning may not be applicable. Please contact the implant manufacturer for the specific conditional information. The conditions for MR safety are the responsibility of the implant manufacturer, not of Siemens.

3Currently under development; not for sale in the U.S. and other countries. Future availability cannot be guaranteed.