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MAGNETOM C!™ increases confidence in diagnosis due to excellent image quality at 0.35T. With the most open, compact C-shaped magnet, it provides outstanding patient comfort. All of this comes with comparatively low power consumption and operating costs.

“Higher field strength means higher signal-to-noise ratio – but it is not the only prerequisite for good image quality. Gradient and RF technology of the MAGNETOM C! enable us to achieve mid-field images with a quality comparable to high-field MR systems.”
Prof. H.-M. Klein
Radiological Centre – Ev. Jung-Stilling Hospital, Siegen, Germany

Confidence in diagnosis due to superb image quality at 0.35T

From now on, high-field diagnostic confidence at mid-field can be your standard with MAGNETOM C!

  • Brilliant image quality from the true multi-channel RF system
  • Unrivaled SNR at 0.35T and the largest anatomical coverage in mid-field
  • High performance gradients for rapid acquisition and highly differentiated image details
  • Isocenter imaging ensures excellent image quality for all anatomical areas
  • Unparalleled mid-field capabilities with advanced techniques such as comprehensive cardiac imaging and syngo® REVEAL
  • Significantly less motion artifacts for various kinds of exams with syngo® BLADE

Exceptional image quality with Multi-Channel Array coils

Brilliant SNR at 0.35T
Easy patient positioning and very convenient coil handling with true Multi-Channel Array coils significantly increase SNR, ease of use and workflow and enables parallel imaging with syngo® GRAPPA for faster scans. MAGNETOM C!’s multiple coils for extended field of view can be placed simultaneously to avoid patient repositioning and facilitate image composition.

Cost efficient quality care

Comprehensive workflow from start to finish. With MAGNETOM C! every step is optimized to streamline your examinations: beginning with quick and easy patient positioning and posterior coil parts that remain on the table.

High-field protocols and applications, tailor-made to mid-field, allow for a high workflow and excellent applications. A wide choice of applications opens opportunities for more referrals. 

  • Excellent price performance ratio – comprehensive application suite
  • Minimal siting requirements – less than 30 m2
  • Low operating costs – permanent magnet, no helium
  • Comparatively low power consumption
  • Inline Technology – processing instead of Post-Processing
  • Phoenix – drag and drop images to scan
  • syngo® Expert-i – remote access into the MR console by an expert user within the network
  • Standardized reports – consistent results and information of referring physicians

Outstanding patient comfort with the most open, compact C-shaped magnet

More space means less anxiety. A unique C-shaped magnet for easy side loading and a friendly, compact design cooperate to create an open and free atmosphere.

Design defines acceptance
Your patients will appreciate the comfortable examinations as well as MAGNETOM C!’s open, patient-friendly design. This will attract more patients, who will recommend your site.

  • Patient friendly appearance – most open, compact C-shaped magnet
  • Patient friendly exams – comfortable side loading
  • Unique extra large Body Spine XXL and XL Extremity coil
  • Most open feeling with the smallest pole diameter – 137 cm / 54 inches
  • Feeling of spaciousness – head out of magnet
  • Easy set-up – posterior parts of the coils remain on table
  • 270° accessibility – patients always feel close to assistance

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