Dimension EXL 200 Integrated Chemistry System
Simplify your operations with an integrated clinical chemistry and immunoassay analyzer

Dimension EXL 200 Integrated Chemistry System
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"The system has really helped with the quality of results. Techs are able to evaluate patient trends a lot faster because they have more time to do so."

Jay Bosch
Medical Laboratory Technician, Beaver Dam Reference Laboratory BDRL

True Integration for Increased Efficiency

  • Consolidate testing with a comprehensive menu, including chemistry, cardiac, thyroid, and our no-pretreatment immunosuppressive drug assays.
  • Avoid splitting samples—simultaneously run all assays from one sample tube.
  • Simplify your workflow—mix and match chemistry and immunoassay tests in one common reagent area.
  • Save space with a compact footprint of 1.5 sq m (16.2 sq ft).

LOCI Technology Inside

  • Experience excellent immunoassay sensitivity using small sample volumes with homogeneous LOCI® Advanced Chemiluminescence Technology.
  • Produce fast and accurate results—first result in as little as 11 minutes for key critical assays.

High Productivity

  • Meet workload demands with throughput of up to 627 tests/hour and electrolyte results in under a minute.
  • Increase testing capabilities with 47 assays onboard concurrently.
  • Respond quickly with STAT sampling from any position and a 4-minute time to first result for a basic panel.
  • Save time with no manual sample pretreatment, no manual reagent preparation, and long calibration stability.
  • Further simplify laboratory operations with connectivity to Siemens Healthineers automation and IT solutions

See How Floyd Medical Center Used the Dimension EXL 200 Integrated Chemistry System to Help Reduce Costs While Lowering Readmission Rates and Improving Patient Satisfaction

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