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EVAR 3D Guidance

syngo Aortic Valve Guide

CARE&CLEAR - Low dose and image quality



Testimonial - Memphis, Dr. Arthur

System and table movements

Artis OR Table 30 DynaCT

DynaCT Large Volume

Maquet Magnus for Artis Beach chair position

Trumpf TruSystem 7500 for Artis Fowler position

Surgical Angiography System Videos

As part of the new Artis zee family, Artis zeego is the first multi-axis system based on robotic technology that can be positioned the way you want. It can be controlled with far greater ease and precision than a conventional C-arm system.

Artis zeego
syngo DynaCT run (head position)

Artis zeego
syngo DynaCT run (left position)

Artis zeego
Park to working position

Artis zeego
Table tracking

Mobile C-arm System Videos

Multipurpose high-end C-arm (25 kW, 13“ II) for a vast range of applications including cardiac and vascular surgery1

Advanced multipurpose C-arm for a broad range of applications like orthopedics, trauma and vascular surgery, or urology1

High-end C-arm for orthopedic, trauma and spine surgery1

High-end C-arm for orthopedic, trauma and spine surgery with intraoperative 3D imaging1

1 The information in this document contains general descriptions of the technical options available and may not always apply in individual cases.


Where do I want to work in the future?

High-end imaging for surgical angiography in the hybrid room

Artis zee in the OR

Multiply your Senses

Siemens Hybrid OR

Multiply your Senses - Siemens vision of 3D image guidance in surgery

WhyBuyVideo - Artis zeego and the broadest range of integrated OR tables on the market