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Your SOMATOM go. scanner to run a successful CT business

Our new CT scanner platform

SOMATOM go.Now comes with innovations that improve efficiency independent of an individual user’s experience. It delivers great results. A new service model combined with an innovative workplace design helps reduce costs.

Mobile CT scanner operation

SOMATOM go.Now is built on an innovative concept of mobile operation and workflow automation. It features a line-up of innovative solutions that bring an unparalleled level of flexibility to daily CT routines.

Turn complex exams into CT routine

The SOMATOM go.Now helps you integrate complex exams into daily practice. You will be able to offer routine lung cancer screening, angiography, and more.

Easy intervention with a trendsetting tablet-based workflow

Built on the new mobile workflow, Guide&GO for easy CT-guided intervention is both familiar and easy to use. In terms of safety, Tin Filter technology reduces dose to protect the patient and the interventionist.

New CT user guidance

The SOMATOM go.Now is built on a groundbreaking concept of mobile operation & workflow automation. At the heart of our new mobile workflow, we implemented visual guidance that is clear and easy to follow: The guided path.

Efficient CT workflows

SOMATOM go.Now features intuitive solutions that address your workflow not only at the scanner but also beyond. GO technologies reduce repetitive workflow steps, help standardize & simplify all departmental processes.

Our CT solution for financial certainty

SOMATOM go.Now comes with highly reliable components, a cost-saving workstation design, as well as a completely reworked service and training model. In short, it is an all-in-one solution for financial certainty.

SOMATOM go.Now® makes high-quality care accessible and helps you run a successful CT business – allowing you to keep an eye on profitability and stay competitive. It comes with workflow and usability innovations that improve efficiency independent of the individual user’s level of experience. It delivers great results for routine scanning. And a completely redesigned service model combined with an innovative workplace design helps reduce costs.

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