CT Acute Care Engine
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CT Acute Care Engine
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Rapid Results Technology facilitates Cardiovascular Reading

Martin Horák at Homolka Hospital, Prague, was one of the first to test Rapid Results Technology. As the demands for standardized views and visualizations are increasing in his institution, he benefits from automated and reproducible image generation. Experience how Rapid Results Technology speeds up his work.

In Focus: Saving Time and Money in Acute Chest Pain

Chest pain is the 2nd most common reason (after accidents) for a trip to the Emergency Department (ED) in the USA, accounting for 8 million visits annually. Speed of diagnosis is essential when a heart attack occurs. While standard diagnostic procedures can take up to 24 hours, one single scan with the SOMATOM Definition scanner and the CT Acute Care Engine, is sufficient to rule out Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) safely. John Lesser, MD Cardiologist at the Minneapolis Heart Center shows how Siemens CT solutions in the ED saves 80% time and 50% cost in managing acute chest pain. 

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