Coronary Artery Disease

For diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease, you demand crystal-clear images of the moving heart and of challenging cardiac anatomies in any angulation. To spice up the challenge, dose has to be kept to a minimum even during complex procedures.

Our Artis systems deliver images in excellent quality and at low dose, displayed the way you like them best with CLEARchoice. A wide variety of software tools supports the toughest percutaneous coronary interventions.

Find out how smart solutions from Siemens can support you in your routine and advanced procedures for coronary artery diseases.

Clinical Applications

Our dedicated clinical solutions such as CLEARstent and CLEARstent Live or IVUSmap help you tackle the toughest challenges in coronary artery disease.

syngo CTO Guidance
Expand your procedure mix by treating more CTO patients

Quantitative coronary angiography
Scientific QCA Analysis

syngo IZ3D
3D visualization, quantification, and planning

Low-dose Acquisition
Low-dose protocols for coronary interventions

Taking stent enhancement to the next level

CLEARstent Live
Real-time stent enhancement

Speed up diagnostic coronary examinations and save contrast agent

Cardiac image review and post-processing software

Artis Family of Imaging Systems

The Artis family includes four product lines of interventional imaging systems: Artis one, Artis zee, Artis Q, and Artis Q.zen.

While the floor stand of the Artis one offers ceiling-like movement on a small foot print, the other product lines include a floor-, ceiling-mounted, or biplane system and even a highly flexible multi-axis system with robotic technology: Artis zeego. The versatile portfolio from Siemens offers the right solution for virtually any need in interventional cardiology.

Artis Family

Artis one, the universal system

Artis zee, the state-of-the-art system

Artis Q, the cutting-edge system

Artis Q.zen, the visionary system