Save 30 minutes - a thousand times over


Maintenance? Repair? Incident? The more medical devices that are in use, the more important it is to have all insights available in a single system— thereby eliminating redundant data collection. The right interfaces make that possible. Since 2022, healthcare services provider Evidia has used teamplay Fleet Connect1 to accomplish tasks faster based on reliable data.

On the one hand, Siemens Healthineers offers holistic equipment information, through teamplay Fleet—the online services solution designed to help streamline fleet management. On the other hand, Evidia group has its own enterprise asset management solution waveware® by Loy & Hutz. At first glance, these are two separate worlds: while they show similar content, they are not aligned automatically. That is until we interlink them with the teamplay Fleet Connect interfaces, a set of powerful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Ali Olfat

“The teamplay Fleet Connect interfaces seamlessly combine equipment data from teamplay Fleet with data from our internal service management system,” says Ali Olfat, Head of Medical Technology at Evidia. The group provides radiology and radiotherapy services at over 100 sites across Germany and Scandinavia. For Evidia, redundant data maintenance—in the case of faults or maintenance events, for instance—would waste unnecessary time and inevitably lead to errors.

Some Evidia sites use the company’s own asset management solution to report incidents with their MRI and CT scanners or other equipment. Others open a service ticket directly in teamplay Fleet. “Both approaches are perfectly effective, as they are synchronized every minute via the teamplay Fleet Connect interfaces,” Olfat explains. This means that the medical technology department is only required to monitor one, rather than two sources of information. A member of staff at Evidia headquarters in Dortmund monitors what is happening at all connected sites. On just a single screen located in the medical technology office, they can see every notification, every status, and every repair or maintenance event—either completed or pending. The data is synchronized continuously in the background, so they can focus on their work with peace of mind.

Everything operates digitally—with no need for phone calls or emails. “Thanks to teamplay Fleet in combination with teamplay Fleet Connect, we save the radiology technologists at our sites up to 30 minutes for every incident report,” Olfat explains. Over weeks and months, this saves a considerable amount of time. And it isn’t just large networks like Evidia, with its hundreds of systems and ten reports a day, that stand to gain. Smaller practices with just three modalities can benefit, too. Whether your company is saving those 30 minutes twenty or even a thousand times over, teamplay Fleet Connect brings transparency to your fleet, flexibility to your document management, and saves you significant time when reporting service tickets.

“The implementation of the teamplay Fleet Connect interface is flexible, regardless of which enterprise asset management system is used by a hospital or provider network,” explains Stefan Hentschke, product manager for teamplay Fleet Germany. Evidia uses waveware® by Loy & Hutz, but teamplay Fleet Connect can also be utilized to connect with other asset management solutions.

API: An API, which stands for 'application programming interface,' is like a bridge that allows different computer programs and systems to talk to each other. It's a set of rules and tools that lets software applications share information and work together seamlessly, even if they were created by different companies. The benefits of using APIs include: saving time by eliminating manual data collection, access to up-to-date information through continuous data exchange, and consistent and reliable data provisioning to empower decision-making.

Asset management solutions include solutions such as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), and Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM). Using integrated asset management solutions, such as EAM for comprehensive lifecycle management, CMMS for streamlined maintenance operations, and CAFM for efficient facilities and asset management, is vital for optimizing asset performance, reducing downtime, and ensuring smooth facility operations.

teamplay Fleet is the Fleet Management app designed to help healthcare organizations streamline the management of their fleet of medical devices from Siemens Healthineers. This solution includes efficient maintenance management, cybersecurity assessment, and regulatory compliance, and it helps organizations evaluate and develop their overall asset performance. teamplay Fleet can be interlinked with enterprise-wide asset management solutions by utilizing the teamplay Fleet Connect interfaces. This ensures transparency, quality, and reliability of data, saving time and enhancing operational efficiency.