Biograph Trinion - next-generation PET/CT

Driving the future of PET/CTOur next-generation PET/CT is here!

Biograph Trinion close-up image

Launch your future forward with a PET/CT that puts you confidently ahead of the curve and easily adapts to evolving clinical possibilities.

Experience Biograph Trinion's journey on the road! 

Watch our journey and experience the excitement from the road as we delivered our first Biograph Trinion to customers—and shared the first glimpses with you. 

May 2024

As our next-generation PET/CT travels to Toronto for its debut at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging annual meeting (SNMMI) , our first users share their experiences.

April 2024

The journey to introduce our next-generation PET/CT continues. Learn more about the all-new imaging experience, AI-based workflow, and what makes our new PET/CT a sustainable investment.

March 2024

Join us as we celebrate our first system leaving the factory. Our product team shares insights about scan speed, image quality, upgradeability options, and ease of installation.

Perspectives from the development team


New PET digital detector

Learn how the air-cooled, LSO-based, digital PET detector provides exceptional image quality to maximize diagnostic impact.

New patient experience

Improving patient experiences is at the heart of Biograph Trinion's design, from the patient moodlight to the flared bore.

A sustainable investment

Biograph Trinion's scalable axial PET field of view and sustainable features such as smart powersave mode make for a smart investment.

Next-generation PET/CT is here!