Connected Cardiovascular Care Solution
Your IT is the core.

Connected Cardiovascular Care Solution
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You need to operate your cardiology efficiently and provide value-based care. Facing growing amounts of data and rising cost pressure, your IT must grant access to patient information, provide interoperability within and across your organization, and deliver actionable data. Find out how Siemens Healthineers IT concept for cardiology streamlines inaccessible patient data, consolidates disparate IT systems, and provides data transparency – creating a strong IT across the cardiology service line.

Connect your reading room to drive clinical outcomes

With increasingly complex procedures, how do you maintain consistent and complete reporting?

Siemens’ answer: a Cardiovascular Imaging and Information Solution that enables reading and smart structured reporting. 

Reading and smart structured reporting

The Cardiovascular Imaging and Information Solution (CVIS) is the centerpiece that brings all necessary cardiology data together: To enable reading and smart structured reporting, the CVIS provides clinical data from examinations and tests from imaging, and also procedural data from the cath lab. It makes them centrally available along your cardiology service line.

Your value:

  • Efficient clinical workflows and increased performance, therefore, improving operational efficiency

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How connecting your reading room drives cardiology

The Cardiovascular Imaging and Information Solution joins data from across the cardiovascular service line and cath lab. It supports bi-directional data flow with the Electronic Health Record, enabling relevant information to be available when and where it is needed. And it sends relevant operational and performance data to your administrative dashboard.

Your value:

  • Availability, transparency, and concrete starting points for optimization  

Connect your Interventional Cath Lab to amplify productivity

Cath labs and hybrid ORs are busy places where many things are happening at once. Even if a procedure is routine, all moves need to be synchronized, and the entire team has to be on the same wavelength. Documenting the procedure must blend into this flow. Imagine a documentation system so anticipative it feels like a member of your team. A system that catches the Vibe and lets you handle administration along the way – without missing a beat. 

Integrated Recording & Documentation system

Sensis Vibe intuitively captures all events, decisions, measurements, and data in the interventional cath lab.

Your value:

  • Sensis Vibe is the vital core where all events, decisions, measurements, and data from your procedures are captured. It reduces administrative effort and standardizes documentation and reporting across interventional entities. Sensis Vibe intuitively blends into the rhythm of the interventional floor and tunes up your workflow efficiency.

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How connecting your cath lab drives cardiology

All procedural data for hemodynamics and electrophysiology are sent to the Cardiovascular Imaging and Information Solution.

Your value:

  • Central availability of procedural information, interoperability for reading and reporting

Connect your administration to optimize clinical and operational performance

Are you on top of the efficiency of your cardiology exams, equipment utilization, and performance of your staff and scanners? Getting a real-time impression of your departmental performance can be almost impossible if you have no KPIs available. A smart cardiology dashboard is the answer.

Actionable data at your fingertips

The cardiology analytics dashboard makes actionable data and KPIs immediately available at your fingertips, providing near real-time insights into the cardiovascular service line.

Your value:

  • Identify areas of clinical and operational improvement, optimize process and fleet, drive data analytics and population health

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How connecting your administration drives cardiology

Fed by comprehensive data from your Cardiovascular Imaging and Information Solution, teamplay Cardio1 acts as intuitive and interactive cloud-based cardiology analytics dashboard.

Your value:

  • Mobile application, providing access to your KPIs anywhere anytime

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1Pre-requisite for teamplay Cardio: an existing installation of syngo Dynamics VA20D with the enhanced data export functionality as well as a teamplay receiver installation. teamplay Cardio is under development. Not available for sale in the U.S. and other countries.