CentrabytesTips for better automated workflows in your laboratory

Workflow  Consultant

Learning Objective: Learn how a workflow consultant can help your lab to be more efficient and productive, when to engage their services, and how to choose the right one.

In addition to clinical outcomes like patient care, physician satisfaction, turnaround time, and test quality, labs are under incredible pressure to improve business outcomes like productivity, efficiency, and revenue.

With smaller budgets and fewer skilled staff, managers need to make smart choices to optimize their operations, whether they are automating for the first time, upgrading existing systems and IT, consolidating multiple labs, or simply re-engineering existing workflows.

While lab managers have exceptional clinical and operational knowledge, a consultant’s specialized expertise enables him or her to quickly identify productivity and efficiency issues and determine appropriate resolutions that may not be readily evident to laboratory staff.

Learn the financial, clinical, and operational importance of improving laboratory efficiency and how a workflow consultant can help you choose the right solutions for your lab.